How I help men release their stress through sex in London

I am Alisha, a 37 year old escort in London writing my story on eroticatale. I read many stories on this site and thought to write my own as well. I am proud of my profession and love to openly talk about it. The reason being, its a profession that allows me to do social service along with making money and feel good about myself. You may wonder, what kind of social service can a high class escort offer? Well, I help men release their stress through sex and find happiness again, when they are with me.

I was 18 when I realised that I was always attracted towards handsome men in London. This thought came to me when I met this dashing man who was 20 years elder to me and suggested to catch up with me on a dating app. I met him and we had a great time together. Initially, we spoke a lot. He was a bit hesitant to take me to bed but I assured him that his secret would be safe with me. We took a motel room close by and picked up beers from the bar. We spoke till wee hours till I surprised him by wearing his favourite lingerie. He had mentioned how he likes his women to wear neon lingerie and when the lights go out, he can see their assets glow. I loved neon too.

We kissed and smooched till our saliva tasted exactly the same. He licked me like a puppy all over and I giggled like a little girl. With the lights off and pitch darkness in the room, the only thing that was visible was my neon undergarments. He was so turned on that when I tried to reach for him, he simply directed my head to his rock hard dick. I sucked him like a candy and he moaned like a women. I will never forget his ladylike moans. It made me smile. Before he was about to come, he pushed me on the bed and removed my lingerie.

He nibbled on my nipples and made his way down between my legs. His warm breath and soft gasps is all I could concentrate on in that darkness. I could hear each slurp he made on my juicy clit. Then, his fingers found the way to my love hole and directed his dick inside of me.  He throbbed me hard and I could hear the thrust in that darkness that made my tits harder. I wanted him to do more, so I directed his soft fingers on my tits and requested for a massage. Oh, I was so turned on. The mere thought of that moment makes me wet till date.

One of the hottest sex experiences that I ever had. I wanted to show him that I am not a little girl he always teases me to be. So I pushed him away with my feet on his chest and turned over. I whispered in that darkness, “Take me from behind will you?” He laughed and his voice filled the room, he said, “We have a grown up girl in the room”. While talking, he moved his hands on my waist and shoved me with his hard dick. I asked for more and more. Our moans were louder, till a time our voices merged as we came together.

I was packing up my belongings in that room and I noticed £ 200 kept next to it. I asked him what was that money for and he responded thank you for giving me the best girlfriend experience I ever had in my life. That’s the moment I realised that this can be a profession to help men release their stress through sex and make them happy. It was not just about making them happy but at the same time I had enjoyed the whole evening and the sexy night too.

After dating for a while I moved on and joined one of the high class escorts. Now, I meet many high profile personalities whom I might not have even met being in an ordinary job. I have travelled to 16 beautiful European and North American countries so far with them.

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