Fucked an Interviewee On Her First Day – Hookup Confessions

I am a 42 years old man who works as an HR in a software company. So last week I had been scheduled to interview a lady. One of my colleagues referred her. She was this gorgeous brunette woman with perfect amount of tan on her skin. She was wearing a formal off-white shirt, tucked in a grey coloured pencil skirt with black stilettos. Seemed like a confident young woman. This is my hookup confession about how I fucked an interviewee on her first day.

I interviewed her for 20 mins or so. She was a great fit for the position but my mind had started thinking dirty. It was lunch time too. What could I do if she was that hot! She was sitting facing me obviously and I had a clear view of her. I went to her side of the table, stood behind her and placed my hands on either side of her shoulder, said, “You know work environment matters the most. You should be comfortable first to be able to do the work”. She kept quiet. I then swept her hair to one side and asked, “Do you understand what I’m saying?”. She nodded with a smile. I then brushed my hands to her breast and opened a button of her shirt and got a clear view of her cleavage. I knew this was wrong but sometimes you lose control of your mind, that’s how I Fucked an Interviewee, badly.

She was wearing a pink lacy bra. I kissed on her neck and whispered, “Why don’t you be a darling now and go lock the door?”. She went to lock and I placed myself on the couch and unzipped my pants, undies too. Told her to undress herself so that I can get a nice sexy view while she gives blowjob. She did so. I was astonished to see her perfect body wearing a set of pink lacy half cup bra and thong. Who wears thong in an interview! I felt she wanted to seduce the interviewer from the beginning? Woah she’s such a slut! This made her more appealing. She came near me, sat down on her knee and with a lascivious look she wrapped her hand around the base of my half erect rod.

She spit on it, rubbed it so that her saliva fully covers it and started stroking. I hold her chin strongly, squeezed a little, then started kissing her lips. My other hand was brushing her nipple through her bra and went straight to her back to unhook it. She had a perfectly round tits with dark brown nipples. I pressed ’em hard. She got more turned on and grabbing the base of my dick she started to suck it. First really slow then eventually it got rough. She was swallowing the whole length. I moaned, “Ah what are you doing to me!”. She was gagging still she didn’t stop. I told her to get on top of me. She sat on my lap and easily took a pace.

Her hot sweaty body was thrusting and bouncing on mine, her wet vagina was touching, rubbing my dick. I slammed my cock into her and her body took an arc with ecstasy. Slowly my whole volume filled her tight little whole. Her tits were bouncing in the manner she was on my lap. I gradually started to lift her butt cheeks to ease them up on my shaft. It felt like a weightless object was moving. The pleasure was extreme, my moans grew by seconds. I could feel so clearly my every muscle was connected to her pussy. Just when I felt the wave, I took it out and spilled it out on her breast.

She got the job. We didn’t do anything after that day though. But even now it gives me shiver thinking of that day how wild and extreme it was that I Fucked an Interviewee on her first day. So what if I had a little fun of my own, she seemed to enjoy it too. That’s what counts.

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