One night stand and Hookup with Boyfriend’s Best Friend

I sometimes don’t understand I should regret it or I should enjoy the memory. This constant battle wakes me up at night. I can’t face my boyfriend still now. It’s just he’s so innocent and if he ever finds out I cheated on him I don’t know how he’ll react. Yes I did cheat on him. That too with his best friend. But situations were like that, I couldn’t help but falling. This experience about my hookup with boyfriend’s best friend.

This is a story of a weekend party. My boyfriend Louis, I and our friends group went to a late night party to Chris’s house. Chris is this handsome hunk of our college, Louis’s best buddy. We used to hang out a lot together. But we never had any kind of attraction towards each other. But that night Louis got wasted and I couldn’t go to my apartment without him. So Chris suggested to stay over. After the party ended Louise and I ended up talking about things we like, dislike. He used to sort out things if there was any misunderstanding between me and Louise sometimes. So he knew everything, literally everything.

That night I was drunk so much, so I opened up, cried about how Louis sometimes takes me for granted. Chris was a perfect gentleman and comforted me. But we both could feel there was some heat. He hugged me when I was crying and I could hear his heartbeat getting faster. I was so emotionally drained that I couldn’t help but turned on by him. His touch, his breath touching my neck, his natural masculine smell everything was new. And the fact that it’s sinful and there was burden turning me on more and more. I think the mere imagination of hookup with boyfriend’s best friend was enough to drive me nuts.

I felt a burning desire inside me and decided to let it free. He ran his fingers through my cleavage to vagina and kept on doing while kissing me passionately. He was moaning, “Oh Adrienne baby I’ve dreamt this for so long!”. He reached for my pussy, rubbed it with his index finger and with a lustful look he licked the nectar off his finger. He looked so sexy, everything a woman can dream of. He lifted my hands above my head, pinned them to the bed before fingering the wet cavity in the hall. He pulled his pants down, stuck his head in between my legs which was slick as fuck and started flickering my clit with the tip of his tongue.

The wild look on his face, the sound of him, groaning lifted me up a little more, second by second. I felt greedy more and more and he seemed to be enjoying it. He made me wait before he pushed himself balls deep into me. I tightened my hands on his ass which made him burst into orgasm. I felt my muscles burning and wave of tense pleasure growing into me. He began thrusting with a firm intention at first and I heard my moans getting louder. I felt every inch of him and he continued his assault until he heard my ultimate moaning sound. With that he pulled himself out and exploded in ultimate pleasure.

I got dressed up and went to Louis to the guest room where he was sleeping peacefully. He still doesn’t know and neither do I want him to know. I sure don’t want to ruin their friendship too. That was a one night stand I had for the first time in my life. A steamy wild sinful night. I get aroused whenever I think of that night. And Chris, oh that devil! He creates a tension whenever he’s around with a smirk on his face. But we made each other a promise that we can’t certainly cheat our beloved one anymore. So yeah, it began and ended in one night.

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