Sex Wish List

Ever have a fantasy and haven’t told anyone about it? Or you have something very kinky in mind but couldn’t possibly express it in front of others? Here is your chance to share your sex wish. Let us know your deepest darkest desires, share it with the world. Whether it be a scandalous wish for kinky sex or an erotic act that you want to experience, let us know. Who knows, you or other readers may get ideas from it. Our sex wish list is here to help you in finding sexually pleasing ideas or sharing an exotic one with us. Use them in your honey list or as a base for intimate ideas, our goal is to understand your desires while providing a platform for your fantasies. Who knows, someone might admire your sex wish? Try it!

Recent Sex Wish List

  1. Location: USA
    Age: 44
    Gender: Male
    I wish to fuck a woman who is also pegging me. Not sure how that would actually work in rl but in my fantasies it works just fine.

  2. Location: East Africa
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Any woman Around The world who like Good and Romantic Fuck with a lot of sweetness .. i will offer a good fuck and a lot of romance

  3. Location: New England
    Age: 63
    Gender: Male
    You are a young man with a soft pudgy body, hair down over your shoulders and a long thin penis.
    I will pinch your nipples and snack your ass cheeks to warm you up and get your cock hard. If you have never had a man tell you that you are beautiful and sexy, you need to be loved by me. Get your ass to my house and I’ll give you the love you need and the firm hand on your butt cheeks that will make you cry for a fat dick in your ass.
    If you read this and it turns you ON, contact me.

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