How I Ended Up Having the Best Sex with a Gigolo

I never believed in online dating. Although, I had been single form quite some time now. So, a friend nagged and tricked me in to registering on one of the sites. I did not use it for almost 8 days. However, it was the weekend and I had no plans. So, I thought of checking the dating site if there’s something interesting. I found out quite some good options and thought that connecting with them is not going to cause me any harm. Little did I know that I was going to experience something crazy and it ended up having the best sex but was dramatic at the end.

I had messaged a few and within 5 minutes, I received a message from a man called Mark. I checked his profile and I found him hot. I could see that he used to work out regularly as he has biceps and a broad chest. So, I went ahead and replied to him. Within no time, I found myself interested in him. We had this common interest for travelling and hand crafted beers.

So, we decided to meet at a brewery the next weekend. We spoke to each other for the whole week. I had started day dreaming and was really excited to meet him. I planned on dressing a bit provocatively that day. I was wearing a mini skirt with side cuts. I wore a sequins crop top and applied red lipstick.

When I reached the brewery, Mark was already there. He was wearing a white shirt which made him look really handsome. I could totally eat him up at that time. We ordered our beers and started talking. It was fun as he could hold a good conversation. Also, I did not realise that I had drank quite a few beers and so, I was feeling a bit tipsy.

Mark suggested that we go on the rooftop of the brewery to get some fresh air. The brewery belonged to Mark’s friend and so, he had access to the rooftop. The place was restricted to customers. We went up and I needed Mark’s support to stand.

I felt his muscular body during his support and was liking it. I found him caring too and was getting strongly inclined towards him. He slowly stood behind me and grabbed me from my waist. I was asking him to look at the stars when he just grabbed my face. He started kissing me. It was amazing. Mark has a beard which pierced in to my skin. However, I was a bit taken by the sudden kiss but I liked it. He paused and looked at me for 3-5 seconds. I turned completely towards him and we started kissing again. This time more deeply caressing each other’s tongue and sucking hard. Now I could sense how a woman gets turned on with a simple kiss like me who ended up having the best sex with a stranger.

Then, he slowly started kissing my neck. It was a beautiful touch and feeling for me. Then, he removed my crop top swiftly. I was a little shy but, he told me that no one would come up. There were some chairs and a couch on the rooftop. He just pushed me on the couch. He came on to me and started playing with my breasts. He sucked and licked them. He was biting slowly on my nipples making them grow hard. I was a bit high and was moaning continuously as I was enjoying the sweet pleasure.

Then, I unbuttoned him because I wanted to devour him as well. His chest was all pumped and I loved it. I started licking him and bit his nipples. He just laughed. After that he slowly removed my skirt. I flushed as I was just wearing my panties. I had never removed my clothes completely in a public place. However, Mark made me feel comfortable.

Then, he got done and started licking my pussy. I had shaved my vagina today itself so he was having a clear view of it. He was a good sucker I must say. He put his tongue deep inside my vagina and also kept fingering. I came very quickly and moaned really loud. I was having a lot of fun. After a bit, he came up again and started playing with my breasts. I was surprised as Mark was hitting all the right points. Then, he unbuttoned his pants and inserted his penis in me. He took it swiftly and slowly. This is one thing that I liked about him. Initially he was slow in his push but with a few minutes of slow pushes, he started thrusting me real hard. I had never been fucked like this. His energy and stamina was really amazing. His penis was getting real deep inside me making me moan real loud. He came all over my breasts which he cleaned up later. I had got orgasm twice in last one hour.

After that, we wore our clothes and I told him that I had the most amazing experience today. We just ended up having the best sex and I am amazed with your gesture. You knew how to make a woman orgasm. To that, he smirked and said that you should because I am a gigolo. I have experience and I know which buttons to push in a woman. I just stared at him and I had no idea how to react. Although, I thought he knows his job really well and for me of course it was disheartening to know he was a professional Gigolo but ended having the best sex of my life.

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