When a one night stand fucked me on an open beach

Daryl was supposed to be my one night stand, but instead he took pleasure in fucking me again on a secluded beach. It was the attraction that I blamed for this. We met on the night before but couldn’t get to fucking because he had a medical emergency…yeah, he couldn’t get his dick up. I […]

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How I help men release their stress through sex in London

I am Alisha, a 37 year old escort in London writing my story on eroticatale. I read many stories on this site and thought to write my own as well. I am proud of my profession and love to openly talk about it. The reason being, its a profession that allows me to do social […]

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Fucked an Interviewee On Her First Day – Hookup Confessions

I am a 42 years old man who works as an HR in a software company. So last week I had been scheduled to interview a lady. One of my colleagues referred her. She was this gorgeous brunette woman with perfect amount of tan on her skin. She was wearing a formal off-white shirt, tucked […]

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