How I ended up having sex with a stripper

It was a normal Friday during the summer month of the year. Me and my friend had decided on visiting a strip club far away from the city which was famous for 5 strip dancers who used to run it. The strip club was very popular because of the variety of themes that the boys incorporated in their dance and strip shows. I had never seen their pictures but had heard a lot about these strippers. I was excited to visit this strip club as I had never been to a male strip club. I had never thought in my wildest dreams that I would end up having sex with a stripper during my first time at a strip club. Once we reached the club, we saw that the crowd was full of women and some gay men dressed in short and kinky clothes.

As the lights went dim, the strippers appeared in firefighting costumes and started their strip show. They danced flawlessly while coming near the women who were seated in the audience and slowly stripped each of their clothing just wearing their boxers. It was their custom to come to every woman sitting in the audience so that we can stick out some cash in their underwear. But I didn’t know that this was also the means of showing and gaining attention from some of the women. I was really feeling hot and aroused after the strip show. As it was my first male strip club experience, seeing almost naked men in front of me was making me very horny.

One of the strip dancer Cedrick whose name I got to know later, came near me and winked at me. I didn’t realize when my hands started caressing his chest sensually. He got the hint and told me to follow him to the green room at the back of the stage. I slowly followed him while the rest of the crowd was cheering and enjoying the show. When the doors of the green room closed behind us, Cedrick made me sit on the chair and told me to spread my legs wide open. He removed my skirt and panties in a single go. He stuck his head near my inner thighs and started kissing me there. He slowly moved upwards and started touching my clit with the tip of his tongue. As soon as I felt his tongue down there, I lost my control and moaned with every move of his.

His tongue was moving slowly on my clit at first but then he started sucking me in fast motion there. He licked every drop of the cum that I was releasing. When I was about to come, he stopped there to tease me. Due to the amount of tension and the urge to release, I was frustrated and wanted to kiss him hard on lips, but he stopped me from doing that. On the other hand, he removed my off-shoulder top and unclasped my bra. He took some liquid in his hand and started massaging my boobs with that liquid. I was a moaning mess by then as it was making me feel more frustrated to release my cum. He kept massaging my tits while sucking my pussy.

When my moans were getting louder and heavier, he removed the cloth that covered his hard dick and swiftly shoved it inside my wet pussy. He started fucking me hard with his huge rock-hard shaft. I could feel him deep inside me touching my G spot. After just a minute of him fucking me, I came with a large moaning sound. I was not sure if others had heard it, but I did not care. Cedrick then pulled from inside me and started masturbating himself after which he came on my stomach. I was completely exhausted because of this steamy and extremely hot sex with a stripper. I was never the type of person to have hookups with strangers, but I ended up having awesome sex with a stripper and it turned out to be the best sex of my life.

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  1. That is a simply wonderful story , so glad you found that fulfillment , and Cedrick did such a great job , as an ex male stripper I can assure you to perform like that he must have been right into you . Great work ..go back 🙂

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