The affair with my ex-boyfriend and sex on the balcony

I was living alone for a while now and didn’t have a permanent partner. I did enjoy casual sex once in a while and had a vibrator ready in my drawer. Lately I had been dreaming of my ex a lot and had dreamt about having an affair with my ex-boyfriend too. I don’t know why, it just happened. And then something unthinkable took place. He moved in next door!

The first day I saw him, I was surprised. I hadn’t thought that of all places in the whole world, he would be in my city, in my locality and in my building. But like they say, you cannot stop destiny. By the third and fourth day I was used to seeing him in the corridor, but we hadn’t spoken much, just a passing courtesy. Then one day the power went out in the building and he was the only one on my floor who appeared to have some light. I was afraid of the dark, unprepared and so I went to his apartment.

He opened the door naked? Wait, no he wasn’t. I mean he was wearing only tiny boxers but he was bare chest up. That moment I realised that I was still attracted to this man. My nipples pebbled so I covered my chest with my arms as I followed him inside. He was just lounging on the couch looking out the window with a single lamp near the table. I sat next to him and after a while dozed off.

I woke to the sensation of something wet on my nipple and realised he was licking me there. I looked at him weirdly and he gestured to my hand on his cock, holding tight. I released him immediately. “If you want me to touch you, just say so. I have always loved touching and playing with your body,” he laughed.

That sentence triggered something in me and I lay back down on the couch and spread my legs. He came forward and rubbed and inspected my panties. He sniffed his fingers, “Aroused,” he said. He began rubbing my clit over my panties and that friction made me feel so good. I spread my legs further and he hooked my panties to pull them out. Fully exposed now, he pushed one long finger inside my vagina and began rubbing my inner walls. The finger came out and then began the rhythm of moving in and out. Each push and each pull would make my body shiver. His fingers were magical and they did something to me.

His finger fucking became intense and fast. I lost it and cried as I came hard. And at that time, the power came back, flooding the apartment with light. He laughed. I was so embarrassed that I just picked up my panties and ran. Some neighbours may or may not have seen a naked woman running in the corridor.

The next time we met was when he knocked on my door. I had studiously avoided him all this while. But I welcomed him and offered him a drink as we stood on the balcony of the building.He explained that he didn’t want to embarrass me and he laughed because the light came on just as I came. We both laughed at it for a while and suddenly we kissed. I began kissing him harder, my attraction for him bubbling.

Soon I was just hugging him and he spread my legs. He took two fingers and played with my pussy for a bit. I held on to him tighter and he pressed those fingers inside my hole. There were people on other balconies around and I didn’t want them to see what we were doing. But that added to the thrill. I spread my legs further and gave him full access.

He kissed my lips slowly, sensuously and finger fucked me. His tongue mimicking his fingers in my vagina. It was slow and so good that I moaned in his mouth, my sounds of pleasure swallowed by his tongue. He found my g-spot and began caressing me there. And withing a few minutes I squirted at his hands.

He was moving to go but I grabbed his hard dick. I moved him closer and pulled it out. We were still kissing as I massaged his shaft. I guided him to my wet pussy and that’s all the encouragement he needed. He pushed in with one thrust as I held on to the railing. We were in the open, but it was night time so we went ahead. Didn’t care if someone could see us.

Then I saw this boy looking at us from two balconies over. He was clearly touching himself. So, I put on a show. I took my ex’s hand and put in on my boobs to hold on. I pushed out my ass and lifted my dress up. Then he began to fuck me. His cock rubbing my inner walls and making me wet. The other boy watching us made me hornier.

I lifted up my dress and threw it down, letting the wind take it. I was fully naked, my ex’s palms covering and massaging the milky breasts and his cock massaging my pussy. He bit me on the shoulder as his pace increased. His thrusts were harder and I began moaning loud. Didn’t care if the neighbours came out. His deft fingers pinched my nipples hard and I gushed. He pulled out and rubbed himself along in the ridge on my ass, then he came too.

That night, I lounged in his arms for a long time, naked and satiated. But I knew that once morning came, this would just be an affair. A memorable affair with my ex-boyfriend.

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