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Affair with the Ex is always a disaster

I knew the day Tulip moved into our neighbourhood; it would soon be a recipe for disaster. But I never imagined it would be a disaster that pulls me so much. Let me start from the beginning how an affair with the ex can be disastrous. I am John, a 34 year old male who […]

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The night my roommate fucked her boyfriend and I heard it all

I was living in a dorm for a while, the one where one room has two bunk beds. The other beds were empty that night and It was me on the top bunk and another girl on the lower bunk. I went to sleep early as I had to wake up early the next morning. […]

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I got the juiciest 20-year old to satisfy my needs

Hello I am Jessica and this is the story of my life. You can judge me all you want for the affair but nothing is above that satisfy my needs- physical and emotional. Let’s start from where it all started- my brittle marital life. I have been married to Kenneth for twelve years but childless. […]

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Joseph got fucked in ways he never imagined

Joseph has been in search of a girlfriend for months now. Ever since his last breakup, nothing seems to work out for him. He is tall, handsome, and has a beautiful body. His green eyes occasionally captivated women. And yet, he could not land a date ever since Kelly left. This was probably because he […]

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Karen finally got a solution to her shyness

Karen is approximately thirty but her babyish face often led to people mistakenly thinking her to be younger. After coming to Los Angeles for her work, she can barely make friends with people her age. None took her seriously thinking she is too young. And she got tired of clarifying her age. Ever since she […]

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