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Crush on my teacher lead to unexpected things

My name is Ryan and I am a senior high school student in Ohio. I have been in this school ever since primary school and know almost everybody here. Let me give you a little detail about myself. I have always been more of a sporty guy than academics. At high school I am already […]

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The girl who fulfilled my fetish for foot

It has been a while since I was with someone. After my last breakup, I did not have the heart to pursue anyone else. Breakups were always hard for me, especially because I knew why they eventually left. My fantasies and fetishes seemed…um, too much to handle for them, I guess. My last girlfriend, Veronica […]

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Lesbian partner took me by surprise

I recently moved to New York from Kentucky. They geographical chance as well as cultural was immense. Adjusting to the new place and culture were not the only challenges though. I am Verona, and I am lesbian. It was not the best experience to come out of the closet in my teenage years in Kentucky. […]

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But Honey! The Escort was too Tempting to let go!

This is the story of an incident that took place almost 3 years back. I remember it quite fondly and it does not make me regret anything though it should. After all, I needed up cheating on my wife because a classy escort was too tempting for me to resist. It all happened on a […]

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My cougar neighbor cuckolds her husband with me

I am Riley-a student in the sophomore year in college and the basketball team captain. Needless to say, my popularity among the girls was enough to get me laid occasionally. When sex is abundant, you really do not need a steady girlfriend. I only felt that need when I used to return home during the […]

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