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Dress Like a Boy for my Husband to Keep Sex Life Active

When you are married for 10 years, your sex life tends to get a bit boring. It is the same old missionary followed by doggy or little suckity-suck here and there. Sometimes, even the thought of having fun with a new partner, runs through your mind. But, it’s all the same. You will spend the […]

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Hookup with a Freelance Painter- An Artistic Sex

I am a 35 years old man who has a beautiful wife, and a 4 year old daughter. Things were good between me and my wife. We used to be happy. But lately she’s this cranky bitch all the time who always rants about everything going on at her work. She always yells at me, […]

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Rainy Nights can be Exciting Too

I remember being stuck inside my apartment during those rainy nights. Boredom and frustration lead me to chat with strangers online and suddenly my rainy nights weren’t so depressing anymore. I saw Katya that night and just loved the way she responded to me. Even though we were physically apart she definitely lit my fire. […]

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Sexual Affair with my Maid to keep myself Warm

I have a beautiful home in my village. Amidst the mountains, you wake up to the sounds of rare birds and waterfall. The air itself has romance in it. If you are alone, your mind and body will need a companion. At nights it gets tough. The cold weather and the flickering fire can lite […]

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Met Someone Special from a Dating Website

I had the will to live happy, that’s what my Nana had said. Today at 28 with a body on the heavier style, I still am sassy and outspoken. Sometimes I do feel let down by my body but I feel I make it up with my will to stand proud and strong. One day, […]

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A Proud Cross Dressing Gay Male Who Enjoys Sex

When I was 12, I went to shop for shoes with my mother. I would walk around the store, making my mother laugh out loud. The onlookers at the store, would often look at me in astonishment and wonder, “How is this little boy handling pencil heels so well”?. My mama knew it back then that […]

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