Marriage is not enough to mend my sex life

Hello, I am Gerard, and this is my story. Let me start with a little introduction. I am a 35-year-old millionaire and self-made. I would not say I am past my prime time but then, I am married now. During my bachelor days, I enjoyed immense popularity among women and my sex life was pretty […]

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The Accidental Anal Fuck Become Our Favourite Act

Stephen and I are married for 9 years now and have earned the reputation of the most happening and happy couple in the neighbourhood. People aspire to be us- we have been setting couple goals for the younger generations. But behind closed doors, things were different. They were mundane. We both have reached an age […]

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Had Amazing Sex with My Crush Who Turned Out to Be a Shemale

My name is Nick. I am Software Engineer residing in Las Vegas- the perfect place to be working by the day and partying by the night. I absolutely loved the night life of Las Vegas. Occasionally on weekends, I went out partying at a nearby nightclub and casino. That is where I met Cassandra. She […]

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