Sex with my ex while I lived with my husband

If you have a history with one brother, the worst thing to do is ending up married to the other one. I learnt it the hard way from a rough divorce. I do feel bad about the bitterness but honestly, those few months of sneaking, secret sexcapades were the most passionate moments I ever experienced. Destiny had different plans and I ended up having sex with my ex bf and relived the moment.

George and I used to be high school sweethearts who eventually drifted apart in college. Almost 7 years later, I met Geoffrey and it clicked instantly. He would often talk about a brother called George but I never imagined it would be the same guy. It goes without saying, seeing him as Geoffrey’s best man at the altar for the first time after 7 years was a shock. I could not bring myself to tell my husband his brother was my ex-boyfriend. Things went fine for few months till George came to live with us one day.

Living under the same roof made us relive the old sparks we believed had died down. My husband was at work almost every day. Geoffrey was a freelancing artist so he was mostly at home. Our affair started when he made a move on me in the kitchen. Instead of being the good wife rebuking him, we embraced like lost lovers and ended up having sex on the kitchen counter. But that’s another story. This is about the day which eventually would break off my marriage for good.

It was a regular weekday and my husband was off to office. I knew he won’t be back till 7 in the evening. We both had plenty of time together. I decided to take a shower and relax a bit while George was busy finishing his new painting. As I relaxed in the bathtub, I heard the click of the door knob. I looked up to see George in bath towel and splattered with paint walking in.

“Mind if I join in?”

I could only gape and he took that as consent and lowered himself at the opposite end of the tub. Our naked and wet feet were touching and I was very aware my body all of a sudden. Making out all over the house was one thing, but till date we had never had sex. As we played footsie in the water, I kept visualizing the many ways he could take me right here and I wanted to have sex with my ex. We drew closer soon and kissed. My hands were on his boner by instinct and it was so hard. I could feel his touch in the water as he rubbed his hands on my waist and around my crotch. We started making out right in the water. Our bodies entwined and splashed around and I knew we are going to end up having sex.

“Shall we go to the bedroom?”

This time, I found my voice, “Yes.” It was an instantaneous decision. I forgot the bedroom right outside the bathroom door was the one I shared with my husband. George stepped out of the tub and then picked me up in his arms. He walked out to the room and laid me down carefully on my husband’s bed.

I knew it was wrong but it did not feel wrong. All I could think of was wanting this incredibly handsome guy more than anything. It seemed like a mutual feeling as he huddled me near his chest, kissing my lips tenderly. Soon his kisses got fiercer and more urgent. His hands were cupping my breasts and I felt his boner poking my thighs. I gripped it with one hand and guided him to my vagina. He got the indication and with one swift movement he was inside me.

He slowly slid in and out and then picked up the pace. He was crushing my body against his as he did so. I instinctively thrusted my hip upwards to help him go in deeper.

We fucked without a care for the world for the next hour. I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of regret that I left him. If not anything, he was the better one on bed among the two brothers. “Two Brothers”- the thought seemed so twisted in my head but my body was betraying me. The adrenaline rush of doing something so forbidden and the continuous and rapid thrusts as he digged deeper put me in a trance.

He was orgasming now and tried to pull out before it was late but I wrapped my legs around his hip. I wanted to feel the warm liquid seeping out of my vagina. I embraced him ardently and licked behind his ears. The suggestive movement and the caresses made him unload in my pussy with a loud moan. He cried out my name, “Wenda” and slumped on my body.

I tried to move from beneath him and get dressed after a couple of minutes but he stopped me.

“Its orgasm time for you. Stay still.” He smiled and went down between my thighs. The first flick of his tongue on my pussy set my body on fire. He was squeezing my boobs while licking my clitoris. Soon, I was cumming hard all over the bed. I never squirted before this but now I had created a puddle on the white bedsheet and sex with my ex bf gave me the pleasure I needed.

Once we were done, we cuddled together.

“Geoffrey would be mad.” George sounded guilty. I wanted to comfort him.

I turned to face him and wrapped my arms around his neck.

“Maybe, but can you resist me?”

“You chose the wrong brother to marry Wenda. Is this what we are fated for the rest of our lives?”

The conversation was getting serious and I was not in the mood. I did not want to think about the future or the repercussions and just focus on having good sex with my ex. So instead, I took a look down at his dick and he was already ready. I ignored his question. Basking in the satisfaction and thrill of the day, I lowered my lips on his dick and we were getting ready for the round two of erotic sex.

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