Joseph got fucked in ways he never imagined

Joseph has been in search of a girlfriend for months now. Ever since his last breakup, nothing seems to work out for him. He is tall, handsome, and has a beautiful body. His green eyes occasionally captivated women. And yet, he could not land a date ever since Kelly left. This was probably because he […]

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Margaret lost her virginity to a fling

After joining the New York University, Margaret never had a day of peace. She is from Oklahoma and the vibrant life of the city was beyond her. She had a hard time making her place among the divas in college. She could hardly imagine dressing so fashion-forward in an educational institution. But she wanted to […]

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Intense Love Between Neighbour Brother and Sister

I have been living in this neighbourhood for quite some time. There are many who are old residents of this place. But some are new as well. One such is the Smith Family that moved in right beside my house. I had found them a bit weird from the first day, especially the kids. There […]

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