Car Sex in the Parking lot of the office

I had been dating around for a while in a way my friends describe was “healthy”. But all I wanted was some bed-breaking sex with a complete stranger. I never had much appetite for a relationship and romantic stuffs. Men has been more like playthings for me. If you get horny, pick one, have fun and forget- that has been my way of seeing the dating world. And one of them was so quick that we had car sex the next day of our first meet itself.

After trying to fit in the conventional dating scenario for a couple of months I gave up. I decided to rock the bed with the next hot guy I meet. That is when I met Wasim. He was a neuro-surgeon working in the hospital opposite to my office. We happened to park our cars in the same area. That day, I was a bit late to clock out from office.

As I headed out to my car, I saw a tall, exotic guy walk up towards me and realized, its his car right beside mine. That was Wasim. I needed to move my car out first so he can drive his one out. We chatted a bit, getting to know each other and shared number within half an hour of our conversation. That night we spent talking and I was thrilled to find out that he shared similar views about sexual partners.

“So, what is the most unexpected place you had sex in?” His questions were getting naughtier but I was going to play along.

“Quite a few, but never in a parking lot yet.” I sent the text with a winking smiley.

“Wanna try car sex? Tomorrow?”

It was going to be the fastest hook-up I ever had and the idea thrilled me. I wasted no time in saying yes.

The next day, I could hardly focus on my work. We had planned to head out late so that the parking would be rather empty. When I finally reached the parking, he was already in the car. I slipped in beside him and before I could close the door, he had already pulled me into a one-arm side hug and a kiss. The kiss said a lot- the guy is not just hot; he definitely knows what he is doing!

I was not going to stay passive either and thrust my tongue in his mouth, unbuttoning his shirt while our lips stayed engaged. It didn’t take long for us to rip off each other’s clothes. I had not worn a panty that day to make things easier for him. The flicker of lust and surprise in his eyes when he found it out was such a turn on. His car was an SUV and he had already made space by folding away the middle seats. We clamored to the back to get more space.

There was no comfort of a room and a bed but the intimacy was so much more. He climbed on top of me to make the most of the space. He was kissing behind my left ears and licking it. Slowly he proceeded further down and reached my left boobs. As he sucked on the nipples, with the other hand he pumped my right breast. He was not gentle but not too hard either. This was exactly what my body craved.

I barely knew him or even had his face memorized. At this point he was an entire stranger and that made the experience much more thrilling. I was half seated resting my head on the window pane while he went down on me and was fingering my vagina. I could see clearly what he was doing from this position. I was awestruck to see him sticking four fingers inside. He looked up at me, “How about we check how much your pussy can take?” he was smiling a crooked mischievous smile.

I knew instantly what he wants about to do. He slowly worked his thumb along with the other fingers and rotated his palm. Slowly he had pushed his hand up to his fist in my vagina. It felt tight, slightly painful but more pleasurable than anything I have ever felt. He was moving his fist in and out rapidly now. Then he started sucking my clits. I could not hold back any more and squirted all over his arm with an explosion. His expression was hungry as he savored the pleasure, he could give me. Quickly he was on top me and had put his 7 inches dick inside with a rough thrust.

He moved fast and hard for the next ten minutes and suddenly his back arched. I knew he was about to unload. But he quickly drew out and then orgasmed on my face and breasts. I licked off the liquid from the tip and my lips. We were sitting there for the next few minutes, processing everything that happened. For me, the conquest was done and the thrill for car sex was gone. But I still craved the man’s body. It’s not every day you get a guy who knows what a woman wants. I looked at him to say I would be leaving now when I noticed his boner rising once more.

His eyes said more than what his lips could and I bent down to blow his dick. I felt his hand gripping the back of my head as he shoved his dick in my mouth. I was gagging on his length but he didn’t let go till he orgasmed again 15 minutes later. My mouth was filled with delicious cum and I swallowed it whole.

We got dressed quietly and was checking if it is safe to get out of the car. My car was a couple of spots away from his.

“Can I drop you home tonight? I will bring back your car in a second trip.”

He wants to spent more time with me. I was almost moved to agree. But this was a hook-up and I wanted it to stay that way.

“No Wasim. Let us stay strangers with a memory of our car sex in the parking lot.” With that, I walked out of his car towards mine, blocking him on my phone and social media. Relationships can end as unfinished business but hook-ups don’t. And I don’t want any unfinished business in my life.

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