My neighbor blackmailed and fucked me for Cross dressing

I had recently moved in a townhouse unit in Oklahoma. Still trying to adjust to the new neighborhood, I was also doing my best to keep my hobbies a secret. You see, I am a cross-dresser by passion. But my new neighborhood is strictly catholic and I can imagine the uproar my fantasies might stir. My next-door neighbor was an old man in his 60’s. He looked younger and stronger than his age. But, my secret unfolded and the neighbor fucked me for cross dressing.

Within a couple of days of moving in, he came to my place with a pumpkin-pie. “I wondered who moved in next door and wanted to welcome you here. Mind if I come in?” He didn’t wait much for my invitation as he stepped over the threshold. I was not unhappy about the intrusion but mildly surprised. He wanted to know if I lived alone and whether I was married. I responded accordingly and soon he was inviting me over for dinner the next day. I saw no reason to deny the invitation. However, I had an inkling of unease from his presence- maybe it was due to the way he was checking out my home with calculative and cautious eyes and seemed particularly thrilled knowing I was unmarried.

The next day we had a quiet dinner at his home and I left. For the next couple of weeks, I had nearly forgotten about my neighbor. Occasionally I would see several men coming and going from his house but I didn’t think much of it.

It was a Saturday night and I was in mood to dress up. I put on a black satin baby doll and went about with preparing my dinner. I sang and danced my way around the kitchen island, completely oblivious to my neighborhood. I had forgotten the window overlooking my neighbor’s unit was open.

After dinner as I was putting the dishes in the dishwasher, I noticed my neighbor sitting by that window, gaping at me, wide-eyed. He smiled as our eyes met and I had never seen such a lewder expression on a human face.

I was worried to death that night wondering the repercussions I will face in the neighborhood if he blabbered. The next morning, I was awakened by the door-bell. I walked groggily down the stairs and opened the door without looking through the eye-hole. My old neighbor barged in and shut the door quickly.

Before I could say anything, he went on, “Keep quiet and no one needs to know. This stays between us.”

I was transfixed and rooted on the spot. He moved closer and whispered, “I want you to get dressed in that gorgeous night suit of yours so we can have some playtime.” I was opening my mouth to protest when he added, “Hurry up now, I don’t have all day to play. We have a neighborhood counsel in the evening where I might let slip what I saw last night.”

I realized I had no option but to obey him. I numbly went to the bedroom to put on the nigh dress I had hastily shoved away in the dresser last night. When I came out of the room, the man looked lecherously at me and walked forward. He kissed me roughly, biting my lips hard.

“You look so gorgeous in this dress- had I known earlier we could have had a great time much longer.”

He pulled down the panty and spanked my ass hard. I yelped and it seemed to turn him on more. He bent me down on the kitchen countertop facing the window. I was already panicking wondering who will get a view of the assault. He sucked I=his finger oblivious to my window or my panic and then thrust it into my ass. I screamed in pain which made him angry. “Shut the fuck up bitch! Keep your voice down if you want to live in the neighborhood.”

I understood he will not leave till he fucked me for cross dressing secret and it is better to cooperate than get hurt protesting. I let him take control and he was more than happy to do so. He bent down to lick and bite my ass cheeks and around the hole. Then he kept fingering till it was well lubricated with his saliva. I was soon starting to enjoy his assaults. He held me by the neck and pulled me up in a standing position and kissed me while twitching my nipples. He was occasionally spanking me hard as well.

Then he grabbed my hair and dragged me across the room to my bedroom. He threw me on the bed with surprising force and positioned me on all-fours. Then he was rubbing his dick with his hand while he fingered my ass once more. All of a sudden, he pulled out his finger with a “pop” and replaced it with his dick hard, in an instant. I was about to scream out but he gagged me with his hand.

Then he kept fucking my ass hard and fast. I felt nothing but pleasure now. All my humiliation, pain and panic were gone. To shut me up, he had shoved his underwear in mouth and it smelled disgusting. But I could not protest or even wanted to. He fucked me for the next 20 minutes without a pause while biting my back and shoulders. There were surely a few bite marks left now. That was restless fucking and he fucked me for cross dressing secret real hard.

Then he pulled out suddenly. I was almost relieved that it was over when he pulled my head back by my hair.

“Want a taste of my juice, punk?” I said nothing and he took this as a “yes”. I really wanted to say no though.

He pushed his dick in my mouth and I could smell shit on it. I tried to move away but he didn’t care. For another 5 minutes he kept it up till he orgasmed and unloaded in my mouth.

I quickly went off to the bathroom to wash my mouth. When I came out, he was already gone. My night dress was strewn on the floor- every piece except the panty. There was a note too that said-

“Until next time keep that window open.”

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