When a one night stand fucked me on an open beach

Daryl was supposed to be my one night stand, but instead he took pleasure in fucking me again on a secluded beach. It was the attraction that I blamed for this. We met on the night before but couldn’t get to fucking because he had a medical emergency…yeah, he couldn’t get his dick up. I laughed and laughed. But he found me the other day, when I was lounging on the beach. That’s my story of how he fucked me on an open beach!

I had gone to the local lake beach and it was relatively empty. It was a weekday so I knew no one would be there. I wanted to have some fun alone, in the open. I was lying down on the pebbly ground when I felt a shadow fall over me. He was standing over me, an erection quite obvious, tenting his swim trunks. “Found you,” he said as he smirked and decided to bend down. I yelped and moved out of the way, dodging his hands.

“What?” he asked and sat down next to me. “I want you babe and I want you now,” he said. “Oh really? Didn’t happen last night,” I thundered. “Ok, calm down. Do you want to swim?” he asked. I just nodded and tramped over to the waters. I was just getting in and cooling off when I felt him behind me. He caressed my shoulders and it felt good. Although that idiot made me angry, I was attracted to him and couldn’t help my reaction when he touched me.

He pulled me closer, my back to his chest and held me tighter. His arms were around me and I gathered them tighter. He turned my face around and kissed me on my lips. I kissed him back and then splashed him on his face. I laughed and he tried to grab me but instead he grabbed my boobs. He stilled a minute and I put his hand back on my breasts. He began massaging them, pressing them together and playing with them.

I pulled him close by holding his cock and then I pushed my hand inside his pants. He was smooth and so hard. I rubbed his length a bit and felt him moan under his breath. I found the head of his penis and touched him there. He was sticky there so I knew what could happen. He stopped me and pulled my back against his chest again. He pushed his hand inside my bikini top and slowly found my nipple. They were erect and wanted his touch. I arched and pushed my boobs int his hands even more. He was plucking and playing with them in one hand and his other hand had found my sweet spot inside my panties. He parted my folds and cool water rushed in. He touched and flicked my clit slowly. I could feel liquid gathering in my panties.

“I want you to put your dick in me,” I whispered in his ear. His grip on my boobs tightened and he took me up on his shoulders. He walked back with me to the towel on the beach and lay me down. He lay behind me and continued to press and massage my boobs. I put my hand back and grabbed his dick. I rubbed and massaged it and he hissed when I touched the top. I pulled won my panties and began touching my clit for more pleasure.

His cock head probed my folds and slowly he entered my pussy. My pussy stretched to accommodate and I moaned a little in pain. “Shhhhh,” he said and stopped. His hands replaced mine on the clit and he began strumming it. I could feel pleasure and his fingers pinched my clit. I felt good and he pushed his cock all the way in. The curved cock was touching my g-spot and every time he pushed, I felt so good.

He grabbed on to my boobs and spooned me tight. He then began fucking me hard and the pebbles were pinching into my skin. But my pleasure was greater. His fucking was hard and that cock…oh my. That cock was touching me at all the right places. I knew I couldn’t last longer. I was squeezing his cock hard and I wanted to touch his balls. So, I bent forward and touched his balls, massaging him and weighing him. But he pulled me back and without pulling his cock out he knelt on his knees in front of me. Then he began to fuck me, pumping in and out like a mad man. My back was rubbing against the towel and I could feel my toes curling. “Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahh!” I screamed and came hard. He grunted and came inside my pussy and I could feel his sticky cum all over. Finally he fucked me on an open beach and I loved it.

That day we had sex multiple times and he doesn’t remain my one night stand. We regularly see each other have hot sex in the great outdoors. However, I still remember how we fucked me on an open beach and I love that passion.


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