When I experienced anal sex for the first time with a teacher

I was completely attracted to my swimming coach. He had a physique to die for. I felt like exploring the different parts of his chest and abs. When he used to wear his swimming trunks, I felt like eating him up. I used to have fantasied about him. Also, he was just 5 years elder to me. This story is about how we got close and had anal sex for the first time.

So, I used to always keep my hopes high with him. I was good at swimming and I was planning to enrol in a tournament. I asked him, if he could give me personal training sessions. I thought I could use them as a way to bond with him. He readily agreed for the same.

The first day of the personal class, I brought my sexiest swim suit. It was more like a halter body suit which came in hot pink colour. I wore it and came out. I saw the look on my trainer’s face. I could tell that he was attracted towards me. Even he was wearing a blue coloured swimming trunk.

We started the lessons but, there was a weird energy between us. We did 2-3 laps and thought of taking a break. We sat near the swimming pool while drinking water. He was explaining me about the tournament and I suddenly, kissed him. I could not think of anything else in that moment.

He was taken aback in the beginning. He said that I am your teacher. Are you sure about this? I said that, “I have never been sure about anything”. So, he kissed me back passionately. He ended it with biting my lower lip.

Then, he told me that it was not a good idea to engage in such activities near the pool as someone might see it. He invited me to his place for dinner. I was super excited. I wore a strappy red dress without any bra. He told me I looked stunning and offered me a glass of whiskey.

I gulped it down. I was excited as well as nervous. He was wearing sweat pants and a fitted t-shirt. I could not wait more and so I just pulled his pants down and sat on my knees. He was standing with his cock popped out. I just touched and caressed it. He pushed it inside my mouth.

I slowly took it in. I sucked until I completely went till the end. I started sucking it and he held my hair for me. I started rounds of in and out, until he came in my mouth. Once he was done, he caressed my lips. Although, I stopped him and asked for the washroom. I had to wash my mouth.

He was sitting on the couch after I came back. I could see that his dick was hard. He asked me that, “Are you ready”? I just flushed and smiled. As soon as I came near him, he caught me by my elbows and made me kneel down. He was strong and I liked the dominance. I followed his lead.

He pulled my dress up and removed my panties. They were stuck till my knees as I was kneeling. However, he got access to my hips. He started spanking me. I flushed in the beginning. It was a different experience for me as no one had spanked me before. I was used to having the plain vanilla sex.

This was a new territory. Paxton continued to spank me until my hips were burning. In the end, I even screamed in pain. He asked if it was paining and I just nodded. I could barely speak. He casually moved his hand on my clit and he could feel that it was wet. Before I knew it, he inserted his hard dick in my asshole. I screamed in pain. I just had anal sex for the first time and it was painful.

He did not give up. He penetrated it completely. He was holding both my hands with his one hand and was pulling my hair up with the other. I could barely move after having anal sex for the first time. He thumped in and out in a rough manner until I came. I had multiple orgasms that night.

Once we were done, I felt like a little girl around him. He leaned and kissed me again and asked me to make him a drink.

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