The sparks flew and we hooked up

Much to my reluctance and mortification, I finally gave into Shirleen’s months of persuasion to join Tinder. My best friend and partner in crime, Shirleen was the fearless free spirit who believed in Carpe Diem. I am Kara, and this is the story of one of my most memorable nights of getting hooked up.

I had been through a rough breakup a few weeks back. I knew I was just missing the physical intimacies you get in a relationship. At this point, I was spending my nights delving into a new fantasy everyday and desperately wishing even one would come true. The most tempting had been the dream of a wild hook-up on my cozy private terrace. I had done enough of the conventional vanilla relationship and now I wanted to explore the forbidden territories. And, Tinder seemed to be a perfect start to get hooked up without much issues.

I swiped away in my lunch hour on Tinder when I matched with James. The cold grey eyes and the ripped physique instantly gave out “the bad guy” vibes. It didn’t take long for the conversation to get started and as I expected the innuendoes grew naughtier by the minute. From where we live to learning each other’s vital stats- it escalated quickly to a date plan at my place the same evening.

I reached home from work quickly to make the arrangements and get prepared. As I ran the bath, I undressed. I soaked up in the bathtub naked, I felt my body ache for him. I touched my boobs, gently massaging them and lathered up my body. The bath had me aroused already and I was in a daze as I picked up a particularly short dress with a low-cut neckline, flaunting my assets well. My focus was back to reality with the tinkering of the doorbell. I glided through the room to answer the door and there he was- his picture definitely didn’t do justice to the dangerously handsome face. He stepped in with a smile.

I showed him the way to my living room.

“I hope you didn’t have trouble finding your way here.”

He replied with a hint of laughter, “Its hard to miss out such a beautiful…place.”

The way he played around with the word “beautiful” had me reeling already. I gathered myself and whispered, “Would you like some wine?”

“Wine would not be half as intoxicating as you dear, wouldn’t you agree?” And with that he closed in from behind me to put his arms around my waist and pull me closer to his chest. I could smell the musky woody fragrance from his aftershave this close. This was my first time hooking up but I wanted to make sure and hold my grounds.

I tilted my head backwards and met his gaze, “Is that so? What are you waiting for then? Let’s get intoxicated then.” My words sent a glimmer in his eyes and I felt sparks flow through my body witnessing his desire. I turned around in his embrace and held his face. I pulled my body tightly close as I kissed him. His response was instantaneous as he kissed back.

We were right beside the kitchen island as we kissed and embraced. I could feel his hand slide under my dress and up to my boobs, cajoling and pressing them. He was hard and yet gentle at the same time. with his other hand, he grabbed my waist and lifted me up on the kitchen countertop. I took no time to rip of my shirt in the meantime. It seemed to drive him wilder as he pushed out my boobs over the neckline and sucked on my nipples. He alternated between nipping on it and sucking hard. In the next minute, my dress was off and my bra was rolling down. I started, unzipping his jeans when he grabbed my hands and stopped me.

He looked in my eyes and whispered seductively, “I thought you were going to show me your private terrace?” I remembered with a shiver of ecstasy, telling him about my much-dreamt fantasy. I looked at him and smiled and he swiped me off the countertop over his shoulder, and climbed the stairs. Occasionally he slapped my butt and then fondled it till we were on the terrace. He put me down on the sofa and slowly licked down my naval to the top of my vagina. He teased and teased without quite touching my clitoris at this point. Two can play that game! I wasn’t feeling that I was hooked up recently with him as it was so much fun.

I quickly turned to make him land on the sofa and went on top of him. I pulled off the half-unzipped jeans and his erect dick sprang out in its full glory. I sucked the tip while lightly caressing the length. He thrusted to get more of it in my mouth but I teased. Our eyes met and he looked pleading for more. I deep-throated in one swift move without breaking our eye-contact. He moaned loudly and grabbed my hair. I kept thrusting when he pulled my head backwards and sat up to kiss me. But I pushed him back down on the sofa to climb on him and let his dick slide smoothly in my pussy. He had a considerable length which felt so warm and tight inside me. He thrusted.

He didn’t hold back for a second as he thrusted hard and fast right away- just the way I liked. I moaned out loud and felt the cool night breeze hit my body while a warmth spread inside me as he went harder still. All of a sudden, I was on all fours on the sofa while he took me from behind going faster and harder still. I could feel the tip hit my g-spot again and again. And then my orgasm seemed to rip off my body as I convulsed and shivered. He kept thrusting and, in a few seconds, he came too inside me. He held me by the waist and heaved over me, panting. Our moans and cries of joy had broken the night’s silence a while back and now everything seemed even quieter than before. I could not believe my fantasy came true. We sat in a daze and finally my trance was broken as he breathed down my neck and nipped my earlobe, whispering,

“I think I am ready for that wine you offered. And may after that, we can have another shot of the real intoxication?”

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