A One Night Stand With My Best Friend’s Husband

I feel guilty having a one night stand with my best friend’s husband, but I don’t regret fucking him as it was one of the best sex experiences of my life. I was never the kind of person to have a one-night stand with someone and especially not my best friend’s husband as I loved my friend and never wanted to hurt her. But her husband was so hot and sexy that I couldn’t stop myself that day. I have always been fond of Jack as we all three were together in college and I had a huge crush on him since those days. I tried to forget my feelings for him when my best friend Rose and Jack got married but I still cannot suppress my feelings for him.


This one fine day all three of us had gone out clubbing in the nearby pub. It was Rose’s birthday and we had planned on partying hard for the rest of the night. Rose was not a heavy drinker and hence after a couple of drinks, she was completely sloshed. Jack was less drunk than her and kept on staring at me once Rose was starting to lose her consciousness. I was equally drunk as her, but I could control myself after a fair share of drinks. After we dropped her to the bed, Jack insisted on dropping me home. Feeling him so close to me brought back all those old feelings and emotions I had for him. I did not want to hurt Rose but somehow, I could not control myself and decided to do something unusual.


While he was driving me home, I slowly slid my hand on his thighs and started moving it up and down near his shaft. He went stiff at first looking at this bold side of me but didn’t stop me. I was motivated to do more after that and so I slowly pulled down my dress to show my bra and removed my panties in the car. I wanted to tease and turn him on so that we could fuck hard once we reach my house. I started rubbing my clit without lifting my dress. He saw this and gulped his saliva. I wanted to tease him more, so I started moaning sensually while still rubbing my clit and pressing my stiff and hard tits. I stopped when I saw that he was about to lose control of the sight due to this distraction. After around 5 minutes we reached my house.


As soon as we reached the elevator, he kissed me rough and hard on my lips while rubbing my pussy. We were fortunate as there was no one around due to the odd hour of late night. We parted once the lift door opened and reached my house. Once inside my bedroom, he stripped me naked and removed all his clothes. I could see his manhood was completely hard which turned me on even more. He pushed me on the bed and pushed his cock deep inside my pussy. He thrust his cock back and forth while sucking and biting my nipples. He didn’t leave my eyesight even for a second and I could feel his deep stare right through my soul. He kept on sucking and fucking me till I released in ecstasy with a loud moan.


He was unable to come with me and so I got on top of him and started riding his deep hard cock. I started massaging my tits while riding his cock like a cowgirl. His moans and groans were getting louder with every move of mine. He got up and kissed me passionately while coming with a huge moan inside me. We continued kissing for some time until we were exhausted and out of breath. We promised each other not to let Rose know about this and end this the same night we started it. We both loved her and did not want her to be hurt. I don’t feel guilty of this one night stand with my best friend’s husband but rather just horny every time I think about it.


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