The Night I was Banged Hard on the Terrace by a Stranger

I had a high-flying career and was married for the last 10 years. But my husband was mostly away on business most of the year, saying that right now was the time to earn. I agreed with it. We could earn now and relax later. But lately, I had been feeling lonely and quite horny. I was angry and frustrated as I missed sex with a person. But because we had mutually decided to live like this, I couldn’t say much on it. I couldn’t say I changed my mind. So, I waited for things to change. I wanted get banged hard because I’ve been missing sex.

But they never did. Every night, I would take my vibrator to bed, massaging myself in the hopes that I would cum and feel a little better. Do you know that sex is good for mental health? Yeah, I got to know now and I was suffering. I was irritated and my pussy was so used to the vibrator that it hardly did anything for me.

So, one day, I tried the free adult chat on flingster. I didn’t know what I was looking for, but just wanted to try something to get out of this funk. Maybe some sex talk could help me in getting the release I needed.

I opened the page and clicked on Dylan’s picture. He looked good, chiseled body and a cute smile. We spoke a little about what we each did for a living and then he made the move. He asked if I was feeling horny. I smiled and thought why not makes use of this chat. So, I typed in yes. “Are you wet?” he asked again. ‘Which panties are you wearing?” was the next question. I told him that I was wet and I was touching myself. His photo was making me feel so horny that I wanted to imagine him and masturbate. That night we spoke at length and he did make me cum with his dirty talk.

The next day, I was expecting a parcel delivery in the evening. And when I opened the door for it, who do I see? – Dylan. I stood there and stared at him for a full five minutes as he tried to make the delivery. As I was watching him dumbfounded his gaze fell down to my chest. I realized I was wearing a white shirt without a bra and my nipples were hard. He licked his lips and his eyes came back to my face. “Do you want to make me cum again Dylan?” I asked. His eyebrows rose and then he smiled. “Dylan is my work name,” he said. “But I can make you cum right now. Do you want it?” he asked. I nodded; I couldn’t help myself that moment as I too wanted to get banged hard.

I pulled him in and began kissing him. We ended up on the terrace on the first floor. I didn’t want to do anything in the bedroom so I pushed him out on the terrace. It had a screen halfway so I thought we’d be ok. But he had other ideas. He pushed me up against the door and tore off my shirt. He squeezed my left boob hard and twisted the nipple. I was panting in pain and pleasure and I was getting wetter by the moment. Off came my panties and he parted my folds, rubbing to feel me there.

“Do you want me to rub you here?” he asked as he fingered my clit and pussy. “Yes! Yes!” I mumbled. I leaned against the door as he went down on me. He licked my folds and parted them rubbing his lips against my clit. He licked and pressed his tongue on it. And then his lips covered my clit, sucking it and nibbling it. He licked the opening of my pussy and then pushed two fingers inside me. “Ohhhhhhhh,” I let out a moan.

He got up and led me to a bench and lay me down there. My legs were spread, hanging on both sides and he was rubbing and pulling at my clit watching my face with glee. Every time he plucked and pulled at it; I would get this amazing sensation that would make me jump. Then he put fingers inside my cunt and began rubbing me hard and fast. He grabbed my tits and pressed it hard as he fucked my pussy with his fingers. I screamed as I came. I didn’t care about any neighbors at that point. I was wanton and wanted to get banged hard for hours. He stood up for a moment and I grabbed him by his cock. He grinned and let it out of his shorts.

I touched the long, smooth shaft and sucked the head. He gasped and then moved back. He pulled out a condom from his wallet and put it on. He let me lie down for a while as he pushed into my pussy. I felt stretched and full from his cock. It had been so long. Then he pulled out and then pushed back in. He was slow in his movement and every stroke was delicious. His fingers probed my boobs and played with my nipples as he fucked my pussy.

Then I got up from the bench and stood bending down, holding the bench. Dylan began fucking my pussy again and each stroke was hard, almost punishing. My channel was being stretched and his cock was touching me places that hadn’t been intimately caressed. I felt him fingering my asshole, but he didn’t push inside. He just rubbed the opening and then moved to my folds. He found my clit and began pressing it with every stroke he took. He twisted it once and although it hurt, I let out a gush of liquid.

I had orgasmed. Dylan began fucking me harder and he was rutting like a beast. His cock was large and was touching my g-spot constantly. Dylan fucked me and then slumped over me. I took some minutes to catch my breath and realized that I was fucking out in the open. I looked around to see if someone saw us and then I noticed my neighbor two doors down holding his cock and watching me. I quickly pushed Dylan off and went in. But the thrill was so much that I had to ask him to stay the night, which he did. That night was awesome and I got banged hard after so much of loneliness which was enough for me.

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