My blue-eyed neighbor has a fetish for Angels

I am Sofia- a 28-year-old curvy blonde residing in Cathedral Village. My affair with the next-door neighbor had been the talk of the town since I came here. John had half the neighborhood crushing on him but only I caught his fancy. Baby-faced John, blue-eyed John, the handsome Greek god John- that’s how everyone knows him here. But no one knows him better than I do and about his fetish for angels.

I know why he chose me though. None could satisfy him the way I do. Our steamy sex was on a new level when he finally opened up about his fantasies. Who knew that devil was lurking behind that innocent face? But what can I say, I love being the devil’s advocate! And, this devil loves angels.

Today is the first time he is going to introduce me to his fetish world and I am already reeling. He had sent me the package this morning so I could dress up for him when he arrives. I have a surprised planned already. Two can play the game!

At 7 pm I hard the creak of the front door. I have left him a note on the foyer. Here’s how it goes:

Dear John

Your angel is waiting for you. Today, I do everything just the way you ask. Get me into my slut-mode. Just call for “angel” and I will be there.

Craving you,


His voice tremored as he called out, “Angel!”

I walked slowly in view upstairs. I was already in his gift of angel wings and a skimpy white lingerie to match. The feathery lingerie did not do much to cover up my 36D boobs. His expression was hungry and the boyishness was gone.

Once I was right before him, he commanded, “Kneel and suck my dick…Angel.”

I obliged. I did not break our eye contact as I kneeled and unzipped his black Demin. His dick was already hard and straining to spring out. I caught it with my mouth and suck hard once, savoring his expression of pleasure. His fetish for angels is coming true and with huge hunger.

He ran his fingers through my golden curls and gripped tightly as he pushed his dick all the way down my throat. There was no stopping him as he continued to thrust his dick. It hit the back of my throat and I happily gagged on his length. He wasted no time as he pulled me up in a standing position by my hair.

“Say you love being the devil’s slut, my angel.”

I was eager to please as I repeated with a bit of improvision. “I love being the devil’s slut. Fuck me to hell, please.”

He grinned and grabbed my waist to lift me up. “Not so fast, Angel.” He was holding me in position with one hand as I wrapped my legs around him hoping he will just slide his dick in right now. But instead, he rubbed the tip of his cock against by wet panties, teasing me. It was getting too much for me and I just could not wait. I pleaded him with my eyes.

When he was satisfied of the effect he had on me, he walked around the room, drawing away every curtain from the window. He was to make a spectacle. “I will let the neighborhood see what a slut you are for me.” Somehow, I did not really mind and was surprised that it made me elated even. John has brought out my darkest fetishes it seems but I was amazed with his acts of fetish for angels.

Once all curtains were off, he sat on the sofa opposite to the largest window with me on his lap, facing the window. He started licking my shoulders and nibbling at them till I cried out occasionally. I was desperately trying to reach out and take off his shirt, but he kept a firm hold. I felt his hand on my boobs, squeezing hard along with the fabric and then he yanked hard, ripping off the lingerie in one swift motion. I was topless and open for the world to see.

His hands got rougher as he pushed his finger inside my panties to feel up my pussy and clitoris. I was in seventh heaven as he rubbed hard on the most sensitive spots. His shallow breathing said he was on the brink too- he could not keep teasing anymore.

I realized how right I was as he threw me down on the sofa, yanking of the leftover torn fabrics of the destroyed outfit. He grabbed my hair to yank back my head while arching my back and whispered, “I hope you enjoy anal sex baby- I would not hold back today.” I had always had sweet, soft and romantic sessions with him and never realized what he truly is capable of. But now I waited with bated breath and anticipation till he drove his dick fast and hard in my pussy to pump vigorously. I was dripping wet at this point and his just pussy my pussy for lubrication.

He was bit more careful as he drew out the dick and positioned at my asshole and pushed. I had never felt this bliss before. There was a sharp pain but the rest of my body could only register pleasure. He went slow for the first couple of times and then he banged in hard. He picked up speed really quickly and was breathing shallow.

I could feel an odd sensation at my g-spot though he didn’t touch it. He was grabbing one of my boobs for support and kept pumping. He cried out in pleasure as he came in my ass and I could feel the warmth.

I was exhausted but he was not yet done. He wasted no time and turned me over to make me lie on my back. He went down on me and started licking my clitoris while slowly inserting his fingers- stretching me out. I felt like my body wanted to rip out an orgasm and it was just at the brink. Soon I realized, he has inserted his entire fist and was pumping. My body convulsed at the realization and soon, he swiftly pulled out his hand to let me release a stream of cum as I came like never before. His fetish for angels had given me a damn good orgasm.

I could barely turn my body and looked randomly at the window to see my other neighbor staring wildly at us. I smiled.

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