A Hot Night and Sex With My Maths Professor

I was a part of our college football team and had practice that afternoon. I arrived at the locker room to change and saw this skinny older guy. He was wearing spectacles and talking to coach. That was the first time I saw Laurent. Later I found out that he was a visiting Maths professor. He taught at the university. We slowly became friends, even though we were from opposite spectrum. I was a jock and he was more interested in theorems. Everything seems so good so far right? It went way too far from just studies and I ended up having sex with my maths professor.

We would meet casually sometimes, at parties and gatherings. It was in one such party where I was drunk and Laurent was talking to me. He suddenly leaned forward and kissed me. It was more like a peck, but I was surprised. He didn’t seem to be affected and went on with the conversation. I was a little confused about my feelings. Then again, later that night I found him in a vacant corridor and he came really close saying, “Stop me if you don’t want this.” And he kissed me again. I didn’t stop him. The kiss wasn’t just a peck. It was a full on, tongue involved kiss. He tasted like the scotch he was drinking and I realised I liked kissing him. Then I heard a commotion downstairs and we parted. My mind was juggling if I was going to have sex with my maths professor?

That was a week ago and I have been avoiding him since then. I knew I was attracted to him, but he was a professor. But he isn’t your teacher is what my mind said. So that night I went to his apartment to see where this leads. He welcomed me in and gave me a beer. We sat and watched a game. At the end of the game I placed my bottle on the table and sat very close to him. “Do you want to kiss me?” he asked. “Yes. And maybe do more,” I replied.

He laughed and kissed me. His tongue demanded entry into my mouth and I let him in. I kissed him back as our tongues met each other. He touched my balls over my pants and I froze a bit. I had never had a man touch me. Girls sure had, but never a man or boy had touched me there. “You don’t want to go that far?” he asked. In answer I moved my hand over his on my balls and pressed against it. He smiled and palmed my cock.

“I am going to blow you,” he murmured and I nodded getting comfortable on the couch. He pulls my pants down and takes my cock in his hands. He rubs me as my cock grows larger. He gently presses my balls and takes my head into his mouth. He sucks on it gently and rubs my length. I know I am getting excited, but this guy has some good technique.  His suction becomes stronger and soon my cock disappears into his mouth. He deep throats me and his hands are massaging my balls. I feel pleasure course through me as he gives me a blowjob.  I come in his mouth and he keeps sucking me as I spill.

Exhausted I lie down and stretch my legs. I see him unzipping his pants and rubbing his cock. “I am tired and plus I don’t know how to suck cock,” I tell him. “Don’t worry. You just need to take my cock in your ass,” he says calmly. “What? I have never done that,” I answer back. “And how many times has a man sucked your cock? Don’t worry I have lube. I promise you a second orgasm,” he tells me. He actually puts down a bottle of lube in front of me.

I turn around and let him put lube in my ass. He adds the cool liquid and massages it down my hole and I actually feel good as his thumb massages me. Then he pushes his cock inside me. At first I feel pressure and then my ring gives way. He pushes inside me and begins moving. He is rocking in and out of me and after a while I feel his hands tugging at my cock. The pleasure is too much and I come again. At the same time I feel his release inside me.

That hot night and Sex With My Maths Professor was sexually eye opening which I will never forget. There have been more nights like that, but that one with Laurent is still imprinted on my brain.

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  1. Many years ago I had my first gay experience with my psychology professor. I was twenty years old, and was a bodybuilder. Sam, was about 56 years old, salt/pepper hair, and slim build. He asked me if I wanted to help him with papers one day after class. I said yes and we worked for about two hours. He then asked if he could by me a drink. We went to Rocky’s, a watering hole off campus. After two hours and three drinks he invited me back to his apartment which was a block away. All awhile he kept telling me how good looking I was. He said he admired my body and would like to take a few pictures of me as he did photography as a hobby. I have to say I was excited as I thought him not only brilliant, but very good looking. After a few pictures, he said he’d like to take a few of me in the nude. Truthfully, I was a bit timid and shy as my penis is only about 5 1/4′ erect. He put me at ease by disrobing and showing me he too was not well endowed. From then we both were all over each other. We had sex with each other for the remainder of my time at school. BTW, Sam gave me an A in the course. He told me I graded out as an A in lovemaking also.

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