Sex With the Wife Of Caretaker of Guest House

My name is Aryan and I was posted in Chickmanglur, an area with a lot of hills and coffee plantations. I was sent there for handling the production work. I was given a guesthouse to stay and a house-help, a man named Hari, who helped me with basic things I needed. His wife used to prepare food and do cleaning stuff for me. His wife, Rekha, was a very beautiful and desirable woman. I am going to share my story of how I came closer to her and had sex with the wife of caretaker of my guest house.

Her breasts were stiff and big with a narrow waist. Her butts were also round and supple. She wore her Saree a little low with a tight blouse. She was the kind of woman a man would never let out of his bed. But Hari and her, they always fought. Hari was a drunkard and a little crippled below one knee.

Rekha always looked upset. One day when Hari was out on an errand, and she was cleaning, I called her to sit and talk to her. I gently asked her why they fight so much. Hearing the question she started to cry. On little more urging, she started to open up with me.

She told me that they have been married for over four years and they still don’t have kids. He blames her but a checkup with the doctor assured that everything was fine with her. She asked him to see a doctor but he wouldn’t. Also, he can’t satisfy me. He gets done in just couple of minutes where I do not even get excited completely.

All I could think was how a man can let this woman out of his bed even for a minute. I looked at her cleavage and her boobs were ready to jump out of her tight blouse. I felt my loins stirring. Just then we heard the main door and we went our own way. I was determined to take Rekha and I knew she would agree on what was on my mind. I wanted to seduce her as I had already got attracted to her beautiful body. I wanted to devour her with my skin, bare skin. I didn’t imagine I will get a chance to have sex with the wife of caretaker and get a beauty like Rekha on the bed.

In the evening, I asked Hari to drink with me and got him so drunk that he passed out cold. I called Rekha and gave her a drink as well. She hesitated but took a sip. I kept talking to her until she was a little intoxicated. And then I told her that I can be with her physically, also give her a child and I am willing for that. I sat next to her looking into her eyes and then the beautiful cleavage. She didn’t say anything so I kept my hands on her breasts and squeezed them gently. She moaned softly uffffff….

I pulled off her pallu and opened her blouse. I also unhooked her bra to free her tightly packed breasts and get a glimpse of the balls that made me crazy. I made her lie down on the sofa so I could play with her breast. Then I went up to her face and inserted my cock in her mouth. Looking at the intoxicated, immensely sexy half-naked woman sucking my cock aroused me even more. She was a mind blowing sucker I can say. I kept pumping her mouth while mauling her breasts. I discharged in her mouth and the dripping cum from her lips made her more desirable. She looked like a slut to me. She was fully aroused and was ready to get fucked.

I took off her saree and there was the naked goddess with the full breasts and swollen cunt was waiting for me to take her. I sucked on her breasts till my heart content. I could not wait anymore. I spread her legs and inserted my throbbing erection in her wet cunt. Her head went up due to the force I applied and she moaned with aaaahhhhhh. I fucked her intensely and with all my might. She kept moaning hard and digged her nails on my back in pleasure.

I kept pushing in and out and felt her orgasming. Her warm liquid took me to the edge as well. I came hard, grunting and fell on her with my face buried in between her breasts. When I caught my breath, I took her to my bed for another round of baby-making through the night. Her eyes were glowing in satisfaction she had just got from me. She was not ready to leave me for a moment and I did fucked her several times the same night. I had never imagined, sex with the wife of caretaker would give me experience of a lifetime I will cherish. Lucky for me I had just read this article on how to seduce married women.

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