Found a partner who fulfilled my sexual desires

For a woman, it is often difficult to decide between someone who fulfilled my sexual desires and someone who makes a great father to my kids. I love my children but lately, my sex life wasn’t even remotely exciting. It was the same missionary after Sunday lunch when the kids were napping. And I was frustrated.

One day, I read about some dating sites where people would go for just a purely physical need. Being the cautious queen that I was, I thought nothing of it, but kept reading about how so many women found satisfaction through them. They got sexual comfort which they couldn’t find in their traditional relationships. I needed pleasure in my life to be sane and at that moment, I decided to sign up.

The first few profiles were creepy, to be honest, and I was tempted to give up. But then I found Sam. He was hot and very good looking. I immediately felt attracted to him and I knew that he could do it for me. So, I contacted him and after some online chats, we decided to meet.

As we were meeting for the first time, we decided on a public place. I had told him my home situation so he understood discretion. The minute he walked in; it was like my hormones went in a tizzy. I wanted to mount him right then and there. But it was a cafe, so I behaved. We spoke for a while and he caressed my hands as I kept them on the table. I loved having that contact as we talked about nothing.

Then he came and sat next to me after eating and I felt his palm slide up on my thigh. He hadn’t pushed the dress away but this naughty contact was enough to set my pulse racing. He was smiling at me so I smiled too and kept my palm above his on my thigh. He was caressing my thigh and talking to me at the same time and slowly my dress was pushed up. His rough hands were touching my thighs now and the thought that he could touch my most intimate area at anytime in the public place was exciting. My thighs were under the table so no one could see it, but still, it felt good.

I began getting wet as his palms continued to caress me and then very lightly his fingers grazed my clit over my panties. Now I was itching and wanted him t touch me there. So, I pushed my panties away and let his fingers touch my naked clit. I shivered as his warm fingers touched me there and he remained there for some time, playing with me. I began to feel more excited as I tried to bring my legs to close together. But he stopped me and made me lick his fingers. Then he used the same fingers to touch my clit again. He circled it and flicked on it sending sensations through my body. Then he suddenly just pushed one finger inside my pussy. “Ahh,” I murmured as he smiled and moved his finger in and out of me. All this while being seated at a cafe and pretending to eat.

He bent down to kiss my neck and he licked me there too. His thumb rested over my clit and his finger was inside my pussy. He pressed on my clit and bit my neck gently and I came. I could feel the liquid pooling and coming out. He fixed my panties, dress and then wiped his hands. I left the cafe happy and quite satisfied, knowing I would see him again next week. He definitely fulfilled my sexual desires today.

The second time we met, it was at a hotel and I had told my family that I was on a work trip. But as I was waiting in the lobby for him, he called. He told me that there was a family emergency and he couldn’t make it. I wanted him so I asked if I could help. After some hesitation, he said he needed money so he could get medicines for his mother. I immediately send some to him and requested him to come over when he had got the medicines.

That night, a little after 12, there was a knock on my hotel room door. I was in a skinny negligee and Sam was standing there as I opened the door. I had hoped he would come and was very happy. I jumped on him and kissed his lips. He held me close as my breasts rubbed against his chest. The door was locked and I didn’t see the bag he had got. He took out an oil bottle from it left it by the bedside. He kissed my face, neck and chest as he pulled off my dress.

I was moaning in pleasure, holding his head closer to my breasts as he nuzzled and smothered his face. He kissed my nipples one by one and then just sucked on one. I loved boob play and my husband just didn’t have enough interest in it. His hand squeezed my other breast as he sucked harder on the one nipple. He pushed me down on the bed and lay down over me. He wanted to play with my breasts more and spread my legs apart. He was multi-tasking when his mouth was on mine, one hand was pressing my boobs and the other hand parted my folds to play with my clit.

It was an overwhelming feeling and I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure. I pulled down his pants and saw his thick erect dick. He was already leaking, so I began rubbing him. He lay down next to me and indicated that he wanted me to blow him. I did. I sat near his cock and took it in my hands. I moved my palms up and down on it and then sucked on the tip. He was salty and super hard and could hardly fit in my mouth. I sucked him harder and began rubbing his large cock.

He stopped me after a while and lay me down. He poured some oil over my chest and pussy area. He rubbed it all over me, making my body slick. Then he began massaging my clit and vertical lips. I just lay back and enjoyed the sensation of his hands over my intimate areas as he titillated my senses. Then he slowly rubbed over the entrance of my anus. I was shocked. My husband never tried this. He then easily pushed in one oily finger and the feeling was unlike another.

He rubbed my clit again and the whole area was just vibrating. I knew I would cum soon and sure enough, I squirted. I screamed in pleasure as I came. But he wasn’t done. He pushed his cock in my cunt and began pounding into me. His thick cock head was touching me in amazing places and I was moaning, “ahhhhhh, unhhhh, give more!” It was incredible. His thrusts were powerful and the cock was curved at the top and was touching my g-spot continuously. Before I could understand I came again. I was so exhausted and I barely remembered him rutting all over me and shooting his semen on my abdomen. It was a dirty act, but I liked it. I knew he had fulfilled my sexual desires.

We did have such romps in the next few months and I was feeling satisfied. But he would ask for financial assistance every time we met and it was irritating me. Later I found out that he was using me for money, funding his girlfriend’s drug habit. So, we broke off. Now I am no longer on the dating as well. But using one of the top free adult dating sites made me feel different. The time I had was amazing and I hope I can coax my husband into some of the dirty things I did.

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