The Picnic with My Virgin Fiance – Unplanned Sex

I was dating Julianna for a while now. She was all of 21 and I knew she was it for me. I also knew that she hadn’t had a boyfriend before me. I had proposed her that Christmas and we were engaged to marry. It was a beautiful summer day and I had asked to take her on a picnic just to spend some time together – unsupervised. I hadn’t intended it, but we ended up making love under the open skies that day and devouring my virgin fiance.

I arrived on time to take her out, ready with a basket of food and 3 blankets. We were going to a meadow that overlooked the beach. She came out of her house, greeted me with a breathless kiss and jumped into my car. I knew she was excited. We drove for a while to get to ours spot and thankfully no one else was there. I lay down the blanket and arranged the basket in the middle.

Julianna plopped down and began rummaging through the basket. My little minx, so impatient. I helped her out by setting the food on the blanket. She ate a few bites and then just looked out. “It’s so beautiful here,” she sighed. “I love this place,” I told her. She quickly turned around to me and said, “Will you make love to me here?” I thought she meant after marriage and said, “Yes. After our honeymoon we will come here for round two,” and laughed. Then she just sat on me, straddled my waist and kissed me. The kiss was deep and sensuous. “Now,” she whines. She looked so beautiful then that I couldn’t resist. Still I asked, “Are you sure? I don’t have condoms.” But she was having none of it. “We are getting married in 2 months. Is it bad if I get pregnant?” she said. “No. Not bad at all,” I smiled and rolled over my virgin fiance who was no more going to virgin after sometime.

My lips met hers. They were the softest, sweetest lips and I kissed her with fervour. Then my tongue licked her on the seams and she opened her mouth. My tongue entangled with hers and we embraced while trying to bring our bodies closer together. When we parted we were out of breath and we laughed. Then I kissed her eyes, cheeks and forehead as my hand moved towards her breasts. I gently moved my fingers over her left nipple and she shivered. I did it again and she gasped. “You like it when I touch you here,” I whispered. She moaned and pressed her body closer to mine.

I unbuttoned her top and released her breast from the bra. I bent down and licked it. She moaned. So I went all in and sucked on her tight bud as it enlarged even more, pointing at me. My mouth was engaged on one breast, I pinched and twirled her other nipple as she held on to my head offering her breasts to me.

I slowly reached down and removed her panties. I took a break to remove all her clothes and cover her in the blankets I took. Then I looked around to ensure that we were totally alone and I undressed. We snuggled under the blankets and I kissed her pink lips again. I found her wet between her legs as I kissed her and played with her clit, pinching and flicking it. I pushed my finer inside her tight pussy and mimicked my cock’s movement as she released more liquid to make my entrance smooth. Then I lined my cock at her entrance and looked into her eyes as I pushed in. She tensed for a moment, but I kissed her sensitive nipples again and she relaxed.

I pushed in all the way, breaking her barrier and taking her virginity. “I will fill you with my seed and make you round with my child,” I told her as I rocked in and out of her. I kept my pace and when I couldn’t hold back anymore I prepared her. I used my knuckle to touch her clit and she shot off into her orgasm, clenching around my cock. I released my seed inside her ripe body, hoping my child was making its way. My virgin fiance was no more virgin.

Three months later, one month after our wedding, we found out that we were expecting twins. They were conceived on the day of the picnic.

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