Sex with Innocent Maid During the Heat of Summers

Sumit was a middle class man who was happily married. The economy was down and there was severe power outage in his area. He felt depressed and at this time his wife was also away for a few days to her home. The power was out again and the scorching heat was making him itch in his private area. So, he took off his underwear, put on his shorts and slept. The night was passing and he still couldn’t sleep.

When the doorbell rang, he was still tossing and turning in his bed. Thank god it was Sunday. He opened the door in his vest and shorts. He let the maid in and went to get freshen up. He sat on the sofa with newspaper in his hands. His maid brought him tea and while she was handing it over to him, the pallu of her saree slipped and her cleavage was right in front of his eyes.

He couldn’t stop staring. He took the tea and put the paper aside. He kept looking at her as she moved around the house dusting the area. He had never really noticed her but now he can’t look away from her enticing swaying hips. He noticed she was young and her supple body was attractive.

While she was moping the floor, he sat with his legs stretched and his loose shorts displaying his semi-erect cock. He hid behind the paper and kept peeking. He noticed her staring at his erection. He could feel it stirring and rising. And the maid kept stealing glances every now and then. He knew she was getting aroused, it was time to take it a step further. This was going to be something crazy and mere thoughts of Sex with Innocent Maid was driving his more crazy.

When she was cooking in the kitchen, he went up behind her. On the pretext of taking something from the overhead cabinet, he rubbed his erection on her back. He heard her gasping softly. She was ready for him. After he got what he wanted from the cabinet, he didn’t leave. He stood there slowly rubbing his erection on her back. She stood still. He took the advantage and out his hands on her naked waist.

He felt her shivering, her eyes were closed. He increased the pressure and slowly put his hands on her breasts from over her blouse. She moaned as he pressed them hard. He turned her around and pulled down her pallu. As her cleavage came into his view, he buried his face in them. He pushed her against the kitchen island and started grinding her wet cunt with his hard cock while he tore open her blouse and bra. He squeezed her big boobs that hardly fit in his hands. Her big nipples were inviting him to such them so he obliged. He bit and rolled them in between his teeth. He pushed her up on the platform and gathered her saree around her hips.

He could see her cunt was wet and ready for him to take. He dropped down his shorts and pushed his throbbing erect cock inside her wet waiting cunt. As he started pumping her, he bent down and started sucking on her big tits. He slowly increased the speed and they both came hard grunting. But he was far from done. He got her down, turned her around and bends her on the platform. It was time to take her tight back hole.

As he slipped his hard cock, dipped in her juice into her tight hole she screamed in pain. He waited for a while, licking and kissing her back. When she started to waggle, he pushed again, slowly. When they both were done, they got dressed up and went on their respective work. They had all day and all week to have fun. Sex with Innocent Maid was something new for him and he learnt, one can get pleasure of life suddenly and by chances. 

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