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When I got laid and had sex with my stepmother

When I turned 18, I was moving out to California for college. As my stay wasn’t figured yet, my mom invited my dad to our home and proposed the idea of me living with him and his wife for a few months. My dad and his wife were very happy to hear that and came […]

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No Underwear in My Boss’s House while I work

I had strict instructions from Darren. No underwear in this house. I had started as his housekeeper but now I was his sex slave. I was only allowed a thin negligee and I was to be bare for him at all times. I quite loved that role and every time he was around in the […]

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How I found my Wife by Staring her Feet

I belong to an orthodox Muslim family. Even after spending over 25 years in America, I can see my mother or sister’s face only on special occasions. They are often covered with a burkha that not only covers their entire body but also the face. Some find it funny that we are still able to […]

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Dress Like a Boy for my Husband to Keep Sex Life Active

When you are married for 10 years, your sex life tends to get a bit boring. It is the same old missionary followed by doggy or little suckity-suck here and there. Sometimes, even the thought of having fun with a new partner, runs through your mind. But, it’s all the same. You will spend the […]

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Hookup with a Freelance Painter- An Artistic Sex

I am a 35 years old man who has a beautiful wife, and a 4 year old daughter. Things were good between me and my wife. We used to be happy. But lately she’s this cranky bitch all the time who always rants about everything going on at her work. She always yells at me, […]

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Rainy Nights can be Exciting Too

I remember being stuck inside my apartment during those rainy nights. Boredom and frustration lead me to chat with strangers online and suddenly my rainy nights weren’t so depressing anymore. I saw Katya that night and just loved the way she responded to me. Even though we were physically apart she definitely lit my fire. […]

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