Claim my Anal Hole Sweetheart

Andy knew me like no one else. My likes dislikes he knew everything. No wonder I was smitten with him. We were dating and going strong now for 6 months. Our sex life was explosive and we couldn’t get enough of one another. However, he hadn’t touched me anally. He hadn’t gone there and fucked my ass. So I decided to surprise him. I wanted him to claim me in every way. I was planning for a session so he can claim my anal hole and fill me up.

I waited for him to finish the Sunday breakfast. I was just waiting in the bedroom, but he was taking his own sweet time. So I decided to push things along. I put on the lingerie and lubed up the surprise. After some efforts, I got it in. I felt good. I felt full. My lace panties on I went out to him. He was reading the paper and drinking coffee. When he looked up he coughed and snorted the coffee. His face was red but his eyes were glued to my naked body.

I smiled and walked towards him. I turned around and pressed my ass to his face. I knew he could feel it through the lace and his eyes bugged out. “How?” he swallowed and I grinned. I knew he could feel the cool metal of the base of the butt plug. “Do you want to do my ass?” I ask him and he says “Of course.” He then gets up and pounces on me.

He kisses me hard and grabs my ass cheeks. I hold his neck and then palm his cock through his shorts. “Please tell me you have lube,” he whispers and I nod. “Good,” he says and picks me up to take us to the bedroom. I squeal delightedly as he throws me on the bed and rips off my panties. He kisses around my ass and turns me around. “What do you want?” he asks. “Kiss me down there,” I moan and he does just that.

He parts my folds and kisses and sucks on my clitoris.  I quiver at his touch. He kisses me hard and then pushes his fingers inside me. He finger fucks me till I cannot hold on anymore. I scream and come on his fingers. He grins and looks at me. I am breathing hard now. But he isn’t done. He turns me around and puts me on my fours. I see him grabbing the lube. He pushes his naked cock in my pussy and keeps moving at a lazy pace. He gently pulls out the butt plug and I hear him laughing. He pours lube down my hole and I feel his fingers working my asshole. His cock is still impaling my pussy as he moves his fingers in and out of my ass. I said, you now need to claim my anal hole. It’s dying to get fucked by you. Ramp it down badly.

Then his cock leaves my pussy and I feel his cock at my asshole entrance. He plays with my clit and I relax enough to allow him entry to my asshole. He goes in completely, till the hilt. Then he begins moving. He is slow at first and then his pace increases. I can see him on the mirror ahead. His face is scrunched in pleasure as he fucks my ass.

He turns me around facing him and then plunges into my ass again. I lay spread out in front of him and he plays with my nipples as fucks me harder and harder. His cock is pleasuring me so much I feel like I am going to come. I tell him that and he pinches my nipples harder. I come with a scream and squirt all over him. He smiles and bends down to kiss me as he releases his load in my asshole. He was happy to claim my anal hole as well apart from all other sex we did so far.

That was the first time I surprised Andy with a butt plug. But now ass play so quite regular and I realised I am an ass person. I love it.

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