The night my roommate fucked her boyfriend and I heard it all

I was living in a dorm for a while, the one where one room has two bunk beds. The other beds were empty that night and It was me on the top bunk and another girl on the lower bunk. I went to sleep early as I had to wake up early the next morning. What did I know that I wouldn’t sleep a wink and keep awake, listening to my roommate who fucked her boyfriend.

I had climbed up the top bunk and was trying to sleep. It may have been 12 am at night when I heard my roommate enter. The door closed quickly enough and then I heard another set of footsteps behind her. I heard smooching sounds, but I didn’t let her know I was there. I heard her footsteps going towards the window and she opened it. There was light and it directly illuminated the lower bunk bed area. How I knew it was because I could see the reflection of it on a mirror on the opposite wall. I was wide awake now as I waited for them to fall on the bed so I could watch them on the mirror.

I still heard them kissing and I could also hear them whispering and talking. “Ahhh, my boobs are sore,” Julianna said and the man just laughed. Then they came in front of the light that was falling from the window. That man was popping open her top’s buttons and her boobs came into view. He just bent and took one nipple in her mouth and sucked on it like a child. The sucking was full of focus and I could feel her pleasure. I also watched her head pull back as she held the stranger in place, while he suckled on her chest. This act was so carnal in nature as I had never seen a woman getting pleasure like this. He sucked on her boobs and massaged them a good while, not once trying to get her to blow him.

I watched them and spread my legs touching myself. She is trying to reach his cock but he stops and lets her pull off her dress. She gets completely naked and she undresses the man too. His stiff cock stands out, proudly trying to prod her pussy. She goes down on her knees and grabs his cock. She licks his head and rubs the length as he closes his eyes, enjoying the feel. He takes him completely into her mouth and he grunts as he holds on to her head, fucking her mouth. It felt like I was watching one of the best erotic porn sites being there.

He pulls out and pushes in his cock again, like he is fucking. I can see his butt muscles contract as he moves. Then they move to the bed. Thank goodness for the mirror in front of the bed. I see him go down on her as she spreads her legs. I cannot see clearly but I know he is licking her clit by the movement of his face. He is holding on to her naked thighs and moving his lips and tongue. I can hear both of their moans and I feel horny.

I touch my sensitive clit and shiver at the feel. I turn, so I can watch them and touch myself at the same time. Now he turns her over and licks her asshole. She gets up and he kneels behind her. He is now rubbing his cock, getting ready to penetrate her. I pluck on my own clit and press it while watching them fuck. He pushes his dick inside her pussy as they get in a doggy position. He is fucking her now in all honesty and the bed is shaking. But I don’t make any noises. I am busy fingering myself, watching them.

He grabs her boobs and holds on to them as leverage while he penetrates her pussy. She is moaning softly and he is starting to grunt, like he is nearing orgasm. Then he starts to fuck her faster and soon I can hear the sounds of a release. They both collapse on the bed. But I am not done. I replay their act in my mind and rub my clit with one hand while fingering myself with the other. Their sexual images are branded in my mind and I cum hard thinking of how my roommate fucked her boyfriend.

There is a wet patch on my bed but I can’t get up now. They are still here and if I move, they will know I was watching them and my roommate fucked her boyfriend. So, I just cover myself up and go to sleep, thinking that I will clean up next morning.

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