I lent myself to the hot manager for a day

Fashion has always been my forte. I grew up watching those models who featured in the covers of the fashion magazines, irrespective of gender. It was when I was in middle school, I made my mind up that I wanted to get into the fashion industry. Modelling was not my cup of tea hence I opted a career in designing. As I have thought initially, the designing industry was no bed of roses. Beneath the glamour, there was the filthy face of economic politics.

Now that I have established myself to a point where I was respected and appreciated in the professional sphere, I shall reveal my sexual orientation. I am man around 32. I shall proudly admit that I am homosexual or gay. Yes, I am attracted to my own gender. I was in high school when I discovered myself and came out in front of my family. To my utter astonishment, my single mom and my sister were really supportive. They had been by my side throughout my journey in life. I did have a boyfriend while I was pursuing a diploma in designing at a reputed university. Due to unforeseen complications, the relationship ended in tears.

I shall write about the time I was travelling to Dubai for a fashion event last year. I flew off on the journey with my team of a few junior designers and a handful of models. I was in charge of the team and I was dedicated enough to make it work. It was my shoot in Dubai. We reached the airport and in no time, our car arrived. We made it to the hotel in less than an hour. It was a five star resort and we were greeted by a crew of attendants, however, this one man who introduced himself as the manager caught my attention.

Upon enquiring about him, an attendant informed me that his name is Mr. Khalid. He had been working for the resort since the last five years and was highly professional in his approach. I knew that I wanted him. He was a tall bearded man, with sharp features and a charming smile. We retired to our rooms. However, the next day was different. The lights in my suite had been causing trouble the next evening. I summoned for the manager who knocked on my door in a few minutes. Khalid asked me and apologized for the inconveniences. Nonetheless, I was infuriated.

Things escalated from that very moment. He entered the suite to check the lights and the issues. It was dark inside and the only source of light was that entering from the massive window. I clashed into Khalid a few times accidentally, of course and discovered that he smelled really good. I couldn’t hold it back and I pushed him to the wall and initiated a kiss. It was a trail of mixed feelings in my head since I did not know about his orientation or that whether he was into me.

To my utter astonishment, he kissed me back. He held my waist and slipped his lips from my lips to my neck. He licked my neck and shoulders while unbuttoning my shirt. I grabbed his ass and spanked it a few times. Soon, we were exploring each other’s crotch with our hands, not breaking the kiss. I could feel his dick hardening in my hands. He moaned and breathed in my ears, giving me goose bumps. He was too attractive to resist. And in no time, I found us advancing to the bed.

He turned me over, pulled my pants down and started to caress my dick over my underwear. He unzipped his pants and slammed his hard cock into my ass. I moaned louder. Soon, his big cock explored my asshole and he continued thrusting deeper and harder. I begged him to go on. I could feel his dick throbbing inside the muscles of my ass while he grabbed me by my waist and slammed harder. I hurled cuss words and enjoyed the time he was inside me. He kept stroking harder and vigorously until he came all over my ass, making the butthole drip with his warm cum.

He pulled my pants way down and licked the tip of my dick with a flicker of his wet tongue. He took the entire length of my dick in his mouth and sucked on it. My dick was rock hard while it was in his mouth. He stroked it gently, covered my mouth with his hand and sucked on it harder. I urged him to go further and I could feel my wet juices dripping in his mouth and it forced him to go on. He pushed it down his throat until I finally came in his mouth while he swallowed.

The lights were repaired in a while but my experience in Dubai was worthwhile.

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