I saw Uncle’s affair with our maid at our home

I have always heard or read about the extra-marital status bit had never been across any real incidents in my life until a few years ago. I am Nikita and I am 23 years old now. This incident happened when I was 19. I accidentally witnessed my uncle, father’s brother, having an affair with our maid. I have no idea when it had started and why. My aunt was pretty and sexy and every man’s wet dream. And still, my uncle was sexually attracted to our maid. Ours was a huge house, three floors, one for each brother.

Every family looked after their own needs, had their own maids and other people working for them. It had always been a good arrangement, no issues between the families and they lived cordially. Often we didn’t visit the other unless absolutely necessary or invited. However, one day. I went up to the uncle’s floor. His daughter and I were in the same class and I needed some notes from her. I called her and she said she and my aunt were out but I can go to her room and take the notes. So, I went.

When I was coming down, I heard some voices. One was unmistakenly my uncle’s but I couldn’t recognise the other female voice and since my aunt was out, I was wondering who was the female giggling in her bedroom. Curiously, I went in that direction and the door was slightly ajar. I gasped at the scene in front of me. The maid was sitting on my uncle’s lap and giggling and he was nipping at her neck. His hands were roaming around freely over her breast, squeezing them. I wanted to leave but my feet were not moving. I wanted to see how far it goes and see if uncle is really having an affair with our maid.

They seemed to be glued to the floor. After a while uncle turned the maid facing away from him and he took out her pallu of the saree and unbuttoned her blouse. He played with her back for a while and then unhooked her bra. Her huge melons were out in display for me. His dark hands were squeezing her fair big boobs. He pinched her nipples and she moaned hard. A moan escaped my mouth as well. I was feeling wet. The maid then stood, took off her clothes and got naked. Uncle threw her on the bed and got naked as well. His huge cock was displayed for me.

Uncle bent over her and started suckling her nipples. Her back arched and she moaned. My uncle was grinding his cock over her wet mound. “Sir, please put it in”. The maid urged. “Not so soon darling. Let me enjoy you first.” My uncle said shamelessly. And then he stood up, held the maid by her hand and sat her up on the bed. He then came close to her, so close that his cock was hitting on her lips. Without any hesitation, the maid opened her mouth and suddenly every inch of his cock was inside her mouth. He groaned and held her firmly in place by holding her hair.

And then she started moving her mouth to and from in his erect member while uncle kept groaning with each move. And then suddenly he threw her in the bed and sat between her legs. He inserted his erect cock in her vagina with a jerk and the maid moaned loudly. My uncle had to close her mouth shut with one hand to keep her sounds muffled. He started moving in and out slowly with one hand still on her mouth. He pinched her nipples and she moaned hard. But her moan came out as a muffle. Uncle then started picking up the pace. All the while my uncle was fucking her, I was fingering myself unconsciously. In a while, my uncle came inside her with a grown and I came as well. It took me a few seconds to compose myself and then I ran from there. Even today, the incident is fresh in my mind and sometimes I still masturbate to it thinking of my uncle’s affair with our maid.

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