Affair with the Ex is always a disaster

I knew the day Tulip moved into our neighbourhood; it would soon be a recipe for disaster. But I never imagined it would be a disaster that pulls me so much. Let me start from the beginning how an affair with the ex can be disastrous.

I am John, a 34 year old male who is happily married for five years. My live is average, simple and free from drama. I go to office, work the entire week and get back home to hot supper and lots of love every day. It was what I wanted since my break up with Tulip. She was a storm- quirky and full of passion. Life was too unpredictable with her and soon I wanted out for some rest. That’s what brought me to my wife, Tia.

It all began when one day my wife greeted me with the latest neighbour stories about a single and beautiful woman moving in to the condo next door. She had already invited her over to get to know her more. When I answered the door, it was a shock when I saw Tulip at the door. She looked surprised for a moment too but recovered. For some reason we both played along to pretending not knowing each other. This is where the affair started.

It was exchanging of phone number and small talk initially. We would be nostalgic over old days together. Soon, I was living my wildest phone sex fantasies with her. I remembered the passion and thrill I felt with her. I was suddenly missing something terribly that I never even bothered about for five years.

One Saturday when Tia was on a trip, I was lazing around our condo. Suddenly I got a knock on the door- it was Tulip. She was in a pink bandage strapless dress. It clung to her perfect body like a second skin. I was feeling a little tingling and flutter in my tummy. She had come over to ask for some sugar but she looked way too dressed up to be cooking.

I walked her around the condo to the kitchen and pretended to look for sugar. Then like I expected, I felt her arms around my waist. I turned to her and saw her sweaty but beautiful face. I forgot about everything else as I instinctively kissed her. We were kissing passionately when I grabbed her by the waist and raised her to place her on the kitchen countertop. That’s how my affair with the Ex had gone to the next level now.

I started ripping her dress off and her bulging breasts were out. They were as beautiful as ever. In my head, I was having a constant mental comparison between Tia and Tulip. Tia was definitely more responsible and milder compared to her. And Tulip was definitely way curvier as per my taste. I buried my face in her tits and started biting and squeezing them hard. She moaned loudly and grabbed my hair and pulled my face deeper between her breasts. I was smothered and loved it.

I started twitching her nipples between my fingers while she undid my pants. My boner was drying to pop out. She quickly climbed off the countertop and kneeled between my legs. In seconds without any hesitation she had popped in my dick in her mouth. She sucked hard and slurped on it like a lollipop. I felt my pre-cum almost drip out in minutes after her lips wrapped around my dick.

I could not hold back anymore and picked her up once more and pushed against the wall. I was using my pelvis to support her weight and pushed my penis hard inside her. She moaned out loudly and clawed my back. Her scream turned to a tinkering laugh as she moaned with pleasure with me inside her.

I pushed my dick deeper still and without any mercy. She was really into this roughness unlike my wife. She wanted me to go harder still and kept kissing and biting my neck and earlobes. Soon I felt her vagina tighten around my dick and then pull me inside her deeper.

In a short time, I felt her explode around my dick. It was the hardest female orgasm I felt around my dick. I kissed her passionately. Soon I was climaxing too inside her. In another five minutes we were done and she was sitting on the counter again in my tees.

Soon after that day, it became a regular thing between us. Someday it was in my place and the next day it was hers. I soon found out she chose this condo because she knew its close to me and was not really over me. It was such an ego boost. But more than anything else, the sex was great.

All I could do was remember beautiful body and the different ways I took her. Someday I would fuck her on the divan and another day, I made her ride reverse cowgirl on top of me. She was so beautiful to watch from behind as her huge Butt cheeks clapped against my abdomen. When I took her in doggy position it felt like it was the best moment of my life.

But more than anything I was enjoying the hide and seek of the entire situation. My wife suspected nothing for months as I smothered with more love, affective and gifts than ever. It has been couple of years since the affair started now. But things were getting troublesome. My wife was suspecting and Tulip would occasionally want commitment. I knew getting involved with an ex-girlfriend again is disastrous and I now want to look for an exit.

I am counting on the other condos getting filled up by similar single women. For now that I have got a taste of an affair I can never stop again. Tulip was pretty still and Tia was faithful but the kick you get from the stealth of an affair with the Ex is awesome. Till I get a new option, I will have to manage with Tulip.

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