Banging the Girl of my Dreams and Satisfy my Fetish Desires

I had been planning a trip to Japan for a good while. I had saved money, booked tickets and made bookings at hotels. But maybe it wasn’t in my destiny because at that time, the covid pandemic struck and everything was put on hold. I had booked my stay such that I had an opportunity to court some local ladies. I had a thing for Asian women and I was super attracted to them. I have many kinks but wanted to satisfy my fetish desires with them.

I found them to be dainty and polite. They weren’t loud and large like some American women and that turned me on. I wanted to date one too, but there was no one in my city that matched these expectations. Hence the planned trip to Japan. But alas, it wasn’t to happen and I had to spend those months at home. But then I met Lena online and my life changed.

The lockdown had stopped everything and I was feeling quite horny that night. So, I searched for cam sex online to check if I could find something that would hold my interest. While scrolling I came across a tag for asian cam girls and stopped there. I immediately clicked on it and found a small selection of very pretty Asian women. They were on live cams and I could choose whom I wanted to interact with. Lena appealed to me a lot and I clicked on her picture for a private chat. I felt she would be a great option to satisfy my fetish desires.

She was sitting in her living room when her face lifted and she smiled. She was so beautiful. She had a slight accent and a slim body. We spoke generally for a bit and then hung up. I wanted to speak sex with her, but that day I couldn’t. So, I logged in again the next day and checked her up. The routine was the same and this continued for a week. But then one day she stopped me and asked if I was horny.

I answered yes and she asked me if I wanted to see her naked. She was shy and yet she asked, this made me feel hornier than I was. But I did want to see her naked so I asked her to me her nipples. She giggled and removed her tank top revealing a lacy bra. She did have good sized breasts and an amazing cleavage. “I want to push my face into that cleavage. You are so attractive Lena,” I tell her. “Yes! Do it to me,” she responded. This side of her, the naughty one was also attractive to me. Then she removed her bra and I saw her tiny pink nipples, and I wanted to bite them.

“Wow baby, I love those. I want to lick and suck on them,” I told her. She smiled and pushed her tits up to show me. I pulled out my cock and began rubbing it. “Press your nipples Lena and pinch them for me,” I told her again. She plucked and pinched when I asked her to show me her pussy. She spread her legs and exposed a most delicious cunt. I wanted to taste them, I wanted to eat her out. “Now fuck yourself Lena. Think of me and fuck yourself,” I told her Then she fingered herself till she came and I came from watching her. Such an erotic act that had been. But now I wanted more. I wanted to meet and bang her for real to satisfy my fetish desires.

I was waiting for an opportunity and it arose. I needed to travel to St. Louis on some personal work and this was Lena’s city. I had told her that I was coming and she was to get tested along with me before we spent time together. She never once said no and now we had received our test results. I took her to my hotel room and put on the DND sign. I wanted her for myself and I was going to satisfy my kinky desires and thirst.

I hugged her from behind and kissed her neck. I began opening her dress buttons one by one revealing her belly and breasts. I pushed my hand inside her bra cup and pressed her boob as I ground my cock against her covered ass. I kept playing with her breasts and then took off her dress. I removed her bra too.

I pushed on her back on the bed and went to lie over her.  I took my time savoring her titties as she moaned when I licked and nibbled on them. I plucked on those tiny nipples as they grew pointy. I then kissed her rosebud mouth, pushing my tongue inside and sucking on her tongue. I tore away her panties and then promised to buy her new ones. I parted her folds with my fingers and felt the wetness. I continued to suck on her nipples as I played with her clit and she enjoyed my touch. “I want to feel your cock,” she said and that is when I took off all my clothes. I free my cock too so that when I sucked on her tits, my cock could sample her cunt.

I was hard as soon as my cock touched her pussy lips. I rubbed up against her, telling her that I was going to drink her booby milk. She spread her legs for me and went down. I sucked and licked her clit, playing with it as she thrashed and whimpered. “Give me your juice baby,” I tell her as I rub her pussy and suck on her clit at the same time. Then pace is hard and I know she is sopping wet. And then while rubbing I bend down and bite her clit. This is when she cums and squirts a lot of liquid on me. I am happy now that I could satisfy my fetish desires one at a time.

I sheath myself in a condom and go for it. I penetrate her pussy and hold on to her boobies to fuck her. She screams and moans, and I continue to give her my cock. My balls are slapping her ass as I fuck her cunt. I am talking dirty to her and she is moaning at my thrusts. While fucking I part her folds and play with her clit again. Then in a rush of excitement I pinch her there. She screams loud and gushes again. Her cunt is squeezing my cock and each thrust is pleasure. I fuck her faster and then fall on her as I start cumming.

She is so responsive and sexy that my cock doesn’t want to leave her pussy. So, I spend the night fucking her. The next morning I make arrangements for her to come with me and now I have Lena to enjoy my time indoors with and satisfy my fetish desires further.

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