First Lesbian experience with my teacher

I was in my second year at law school, when a new teacher joined the faculty. She was in charge of teaching us Criminal Law. Five-foot-six, slender figure, dark brown hair with a few loose curls, our teacher Serena, was mesmerizing to say the least. She had a perfect cleavage and her ass was tight. As she stood in front of the class, doing her job, all I could do was stare at her. I imagined all the things that I wanted to do to her. I wanted to hold her and lick her into oblivion. So in order to get close to her, I approached her after class with the request to help me with the subjects personally since I was having difficulty in understanding the theories. I was just taking my chance but didn’t know I was going to experience bliss- my first lesbian experience with my teacher!

Finally, she gave me her personal address and asked me to visit her in the evening. I started going to her house on a regular basis and we formed a sort of friendship. On one particular evening, while we sat and drank coffee in her living room sofa, she asked me where my sexual preferences lied. I chose to be honest with her and told her that I was bi-sexual and adore lesbian love. She kind of relaxed a bit at my answer. Seeing her reaction, I gathered the confidence to tell her how she was my crush since the first day she joined college and how I imagined being with her. After hearing me, she kept her coffee cup, leaned towards me and said, “So, what are you waiting for?” I said, “though I’m bisexual, I’ve never tried it before”. May be that gave the spark and I had first lesbian experience with my teacher.

Then, she came closer and started kissing me. I moved back, towards the end of the sofa so that she could stay on top of me. She moved her tongue inside my mouth and I became more aroused knowing that she was so good at this. In between, she struggled to pull her t-shirt out. Her huge C cup size tits stood proud. Instinctively, I started massaging her boobs like an expert as I enclosed her erect nipples in between my fingers. Serena was enjoying that thoroughly as she moaned in my mouth while kissing and her breaths became heavy.

With my other hand, I reached her cunt and pressed it from above her shorts. Slowly rubbing her soft pussy, I could feel her getting extremely wet. She moved a bit and took off her shorts. As she stood naked in front of me, her clean shaved pussy dripped from being so wet. I could not stop myself from touching her smoothness down there. I craved to have my tongue inside her. I laid her down on the sofa, spread her legs and started kissing her inner thighs. Putting small bites around her area, I moved to her beautiful cunt. I moved my tongue in and out of her as I tongue fucked her slowly, with my own pace. Serena closed her eyes as she enjoyed herself by pressing her boobs.

I placed two fingers on her clit and rubbed it aggressively as I kept lapping up all her juices. This turned on Serena because she grabbed my head and pushed me towards her cunt even more. I loved seeing her this aroused so I started fingering her slippery cunt wanting to screw her to the deepest. I moved my fingers deep inside her pussy as she kept moaning and shouting in pleasure. She begged me, “Don’t stop it. Fuck me harder.” Her boobs kept bouncing as she moved her hips in the desperate need to come. Her brown nipples looked so damn erect that I couldn’t resist myself from pinching them red. In no time, Serena had her first orgasm as I felt her knees get rigid. I took this opportunity to drink her saltiness as her bouts of orgasm kept pouring out. I didn’t know that first lesbian sex with my teacher would be thrilling like this.

The look of satisfaction in her face made me proud of myself. She kissed me passionately showing her appreciation and tasting her own juices. By then, my cunt was begging to be touched as my panties were already soaking wet. In between our kisses, Serena fished some object from the side of her sofa as she said, “You have no idea how long I waited to put this inside your cunt and play with it.” The huge dildo in her hand made me gulp. I had never had any sex toy inserted inside me and the size of the dildo made me scared. Serena sensed my fear and made me lie down as she kissed me softly and said, “Don’t worry. You will love it.”

She took out my panty, sniffed it and slowly spread my legs. She asked me to relax as she started licking my clit and all the juices in and around my already soaking cunt. I closed my eyes and let her take control. She then slowly started inserting the dildo inside my wet pussy. At first, it was a bit painful but soon after, as my pussy adjusted to the size, I felt pleasure like never before. Serena moved on top of me as she fucked me with the dildo and my moans surrounded the entire room. Shortly thereafter, I had my strongest orgasm as Serena licked me clean.

That was the first lesbian experience with my teacher but our personal classes continued thereafter 🙂

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