She was the one who became the game changer

Cheating can be defined as an accident, unintentional or maybe intentional act. It depends on person to person and maybe situations are different for everyone. We can’t say until we go through the same condition and become the game changer.

I was the one lady in his life and the only mistress. The guy I was married to was my high school boyfriend and the love that evolved over time can never be compared to anything. But maybe it’s time which leads you on a different path. We needed some space and break from each other just to freshen up and leave the work pressure behind. So, I went home.

During this whole period, I was back at my parent’s house and met all my school and college friends. It was so blissful to gather, meet and talk. I also met one of my friends who always had a huge crush on me and was trying to hit on me a decade back. But during that time, I was with David – my current husband. This guy was from college and his name was Kevin. He told me about his life and how things had changed with his wife – with them getting a divorce. I don’t why, it might be some need in me, but I was wanting to know more of him; to get along with him.

I was invited to his house and during a casual conversation. he showed me the divorce papers. That day we spoke for a long while and we began to bond. A few weeks down and I was beginning to feel something for Kevin which I feel was the game changer too.

The way I was feeling for him was very different from what I felt for David. I loved his touch and wanted more from him. Although I never thought of cheating on David, things were not in my hands anymore. Kevin was making me feel like a teenager – giving gifts, showering attention and making me feel so special. One day, when I went to his house, he was standing at the door with flowers for me. I hugged him impulsively and he hugged me back. In that moment, He kissed me. As our tongues met, he pulled me to his bedroom and continued kissing me carnally. Then we stopped for food.

I specially wore the red lingerie, which was see through to highlight my breast and nipple. Before coming to his place, I shaved my lower region to be soft and smooth. It was all because I was going to get back tomorrow to David and didn’t want to miss this meeting with Kevin.

He had made a special dinner – everything I loved. I moved in and he pulled the chair for me to make me feel like a queen. I was shy and blushing at the same time. Adjusting my knee length red dress, I sat down and he served dinner. After that we were sitting on the sofa when he came near me and kissed me on my neck, pulling me slowly towards him. I felt a queer sensation all over my body and it appeared that even my ovaries seemed to pound.

He asked me weather I was happy with David and enquired if he was good in bed. I told him that he had a small dick always came early during sex. He leaned towards and we started kissing slowly then it turned to be so passionate that we were biting each other’s lips.

He lost his control, ripped off my red dress and lifted me up to take me to the bedroom. He unhooked my bra, turning me around and pressed me to the wall. He then quickly took off his pants and his large dick was all ready to go inside me. He penetrated slowly as I moaned while feeling it all inside me. He began stroking me hard and fucking deep for 2-3 minutes.

He then turned me around and showed me his big thick dick as I begged him for more of it. He picked me up and pushed his big dick in my vagina. I was riding the big boy and was feeling the emotions I had never felt. I was feeling sexy and well fucked. He was ramming his rod in my wet pussy and all y pussy wanted to do was to hold on to him as he massaged my pussy. He also inserted his middle finger in my ass and made me ride him. I felt like I would squirt on his dick.

He was fucking me repeatedly in doggy style at times and sometimes in the cowgirl position. I was not even thinking of David at that time. It was just him and all of him. In our last session he came inside my vagina without even telling me. He said that as David was never able to give me sexual satisfaction, he would fulfill everything. But, I knew I was the game changer here.

We enjoyed our time together and I wanted to see him more, but unfortunately, I had to return to David. But I promised him that I would be back for him and this would be our deep dark secret. I was cheating on my husband but I never felt guilty about becoming the game changer.

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