Fucked by a stranger in the woods while on a trip with BF

Mike and Rachel were finally on a camping trip, which had been cancelled by them three times before. They were tired from trekking all day long and were resting on their bed inside their tent. It was 11:00 PM, but they were still excited as Mike was waiting to eat Rachel’s tanned body, under the open sky and stars. Rachel had gotten a tan on her fine legs, right up to thighs, and she was showing it off, just to seduce him. She also told the same to Mike on their way up to camp. Rachel wanted to change her clothes, which were sweaty from trekking. She took off her jacket and top; then she replaced her grey trouser with black shorts and sat on bed wearing only her orange front closure bra. She sat in position which flaunted her tanned legs. But sooner things were going to get romantic and that’s the story of Rachael getting fucked by a stranger in the woods during the trip.

As Mike saw her in her bra for the fourth time, and the tanned legs; he remembered all the great three nights they had spent before. And that thought of excitement made him adjust his crotch, as his cock had partially popped out from his pant. Romantic music was playing outside the camp and the moonlight added to their desire for each other. Mike had to put his hand inside his pant to adjust his penis.

Rachel saw that and got closer to Mike and kissed him and pressed against him. She grabbed his crotch and started to press him. Mike could not wait to push his penis inside her ass. He turned her over, threw her on bed and opened his pant and her shorts. Rachel stopped him because they were out of condoms. Mike dressed himself and ran out to get it. The car was parked a little way off, but Rachel would not let him get close without protection.

Well, Mike and Rachael had met online through Hookupguru and they fell in love. Rachel was sleeping on the bed when the campfire went out. She got scared and was trying to pull her shorts up but suddenly she was stopped, and someone pushed her legs wide apart and put his head there; starting to lick her thighs and her pussy. Rachel knew it was not Mike, because it was a big tongue which was rolling over her vagina and she knew Mike did not have one nor he was so good at oral. When she knew that she was about to be fucked by a stranger in the woods why she couldn’t stop?

That tongue went deeper and deeper inside her and though she knew she was cheating on her new boyfriend with some stranger, she did not stop him. The pleasure was too much for her, she was feeling good. She did not get such pleasure before, and now the tongue was touching her erogenous zones; places where Mike had not even touched with his fingers or penis.

The stranger opened her front closure bra, and attacked her boobs, like it was last thing offered to him to eat. He gave her love bites below the nipples; he rubbed her nipples till it got red and sucked on them to make it redder. Rachel had wrapped her legs around his naked body and was begging him to play with vertical lips again.

This time, the stranger decided to play with her pussy and grabbed her ass to pull her closer. He placed his three fingers inside her vagina, which made her moan loudly. The stranger placed her hand on her mouth so she could not make loud noises. Poor Mike was still searching for condoms and Rachael was about to be fucked by a stranger in the woods.

Rachel was at her highest pleasure as she was receiving the best fingering. She bit the stranger’s hand as could not hold her pleasure just by herself any longer. She asked him, she the wanted treat in her mouth, asking through hand gestures and opened her mouth.

The stranger was already hard by now and inserted his hard dick inside her mouth and made her sit on her knees near bed as he was standing. He gathered her hair, grabbing them and was pulling it to help her suck his dick harder. Saliva was coming out of Rachel’s mouth which worked as a lubricant and helped them enjoy even more.

Rachel’s face was all red, she was trying to finger herself in as she was sitting on floor but was not able to do so as the stranger was dominant and was fucking her mouth with his huge penis. Both of them were sweating. Rachel grabbed him by his ass and sucked even harder. She was trying to take in his huge penis in her small mouth.

The stranger ejected in her mouth and then on her nipples. Rachel was still not satisfied and she could not be just happy with oral and fingering. She wanted more. The stranger’s ego seemed hurt and he decided to fuck her so hard till she cried loudly and begged him to take out his penis from her body.

He first started gently and put his dick inside her vagina and was rubbing her nipples and kissing on her neck. She seemed quite happy with all the pleasure but he wanted her to teach a lesson for not getting satisfied by just oral.

He made her get into doggy position and started to fuck her hard, his one hand in her hair and the other was on her neck. He was gently pressing her neck. He wanted to fuck her till he could eject again and he was so dominant; was so forceful that while fucking her, the blow up mattress was ruptured. They fell on floor, still he did not stop and continued fucking her and came inside her, that too without a condom.

He got dressed and left the tent, without uttering a single word to Rachel. She also got dressed, and was fully satisfied but was not able to walk properly, and started to look around for Mike. Rachael never told mike about the incident and kept that secret of getting fucked by a stranger in the woods to her.

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