When I used the College Lecturer for Sex and Release

I was working as a janitor in a college and I had an unbelievable experience. I wanted sex and release for a long time, and one day I got. The series of events leading up to that are also interesting and it all started with a new professor who had just joined.

One afternoon, as I was cleaning the empty campus, I heard noises from one of the classrooms, I headed in that direction and soon realised that they were moans. They were originating from one particular classroom and I peeked in through the window. The new lecturer Sheila was against the wall, her hair dishevelled and someone at her chest. Wait…wasn’t that professor Kris? The very married and old Kris. What was he doing here, with her and that too sucking her breasts?

Whatever he was doing, I was watching him do it. I was equally dirty as that old man. He stopped for a minute and I saw her generous boobs. So round and creamy like a ripe fruit. If I would get a chance at sex and release with her or just suck her breasts, I would. The oldie pressed her breasts as she moaned loud and clear and I press my cock. He pinches and plays with her nipples, pulling at them and sucking again on her nipples.

Then he leaves her boobs and kneels down. Her breasts are exposed and I can see them clearly. I would bite and chew on them if I ever got a chance. He lifted up her dress and she held it up. He slid her panties away and just rubbed her pussy lips. The wanton, spread her legs more and he parted her lips. There I could see her fat clit clearly, swollen and ready. Kris bends down and licks the nub, then puts his lips around it and sucks on it. She shudders and bites her knuckles to keep quiet as she moves her hips against his mouth.

Then he stops and pushes his knobby fingers in her pussy. “Ahh,” she keens and tries to move her legs together. He stops her and then begins to push his fingers in and out of her. I could see liquids coming out of her twat and I so wanted to be the one to put my cock in her. I was rubbing myself watching them, when I heard someone come up the stairs. I quickly made my move and went ahead to the washroom. It was there I released my seed in my hands. I needed more, sex and release but was happy with it.

Then another day I was scrubbing the floor outside the staff room and who do I see? That oldie Kris and Sheila are sitting side by side. There are other lecturers around but they don’t seem to be paying attention. The way they are sitting, I can see that under the table, he has his hands on her thigh. She has spread her legs for him and I see her red lace panties. The students aren’t around and the corridors are empty so I can loiter and pretend to work.

I clearly saw him pull down her panties and rub her parted lips. She was wet down there. I could feel myself breathing hard with every stroke that man made against her wet pussy. He flicks her clit and I see her toes curl, but her face doesn’t change. He begins pinching her clit again and again and she doesn’t stop him at all. He again pushes his finger inside her channel and seems to leave it there. But then soon she is leaking and then finally he pulls out. I see him take his finger up and sniff it. That dirty old man was having a good time and I was hard, on the floor, scrubbing it.

And then today I got my sex and release with that hot professor Sheila. I am still happy that I got to enjoy her and here is how it happened.

I was doing some cleaning in the library, of course, after school hours. Then again, I hear that voice. “Ahh, unhh, more,” coming from behind the dankiest part of the library. No one goes there, but I hear moans. So, I head in that direction and what do I see? Miss Sheila with her pants down again! She is lying on a table and someone is obviously eating her pussy out. She is clutching at his hair and moving her hips.

It was then I noticed that she wasn’t with that oldie, but it was some student who was licking her pussy. I decided right then that my cock was going to get her in one way or another. I quickly pulled down my pants and went over.

Before she could stop me, I climbed the table and put my cock at her lips. At first she didn’t do anything and ignored me, enjoying her tongue fuck. Then she saw me and her mouth opened. Her tongue crept out and licked me a little. But I couldn’t wait so I pushed in my cock. Her lips had clamped around me so my foreskin moved back and I gasped in pleasure. I fucked her mouth, letting my foreskin move back and enjoying the fuck. After that she opens her mouth and lets me in. She sucks me and I notice that her pussy fucker is looking at me.

I look back at him and push my cock in and out of her mouth. There is no talk and I can only hear her sucking and moaning. The student walks off, after watching her enjoy sucking my cock. So, I get off and move to her pussy. She is drenched, so I guess the little punk did it for her. I rub my cock against her wetness and then go in. And my goodness, her pussy is holding me so tight. I pull out slowly, enjoying the feel of her ridged walls against my dick. I push back with force and grunt, hearing her moaning again. I lift her legs ad rest them on my shoulders. I begin fucking her…….hard.

I bang her with everything I have and she is pulling at my ass and scratching me there.  I hold bother her legs apart, exposing her clit and pussy lips. I fuck her hard and fast, almost rough. I pinch and slap her breasts as I get rough with her mid fuck. She doesn’t complain. In, fact she opens her top and pulls her boobs out of the bra cups. I hold on to them and press them hard. She screams, but there is no one to hear her. “Unnhhh, unnhh, unhh,” she goes and reaches out to press my balls. I cannot hold back anymore so I pinch her clit roughly and pull out. I spray my semen on her belly and boobs.

Once done, I rub it on her boobs and pluck her nipples while doing it. She is smiling and breathing hard. I pull her pants up and button her top, then buckle myself in. That day I had so much fun with that little miss. I often have wet dreams about her how I got sex and release that day.

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