Lost Virginity to a Woman who was single and my neighbour

My next-door neighbour was hot. She was a thirty-something single woman and man she had the body of a goddess. If she was the one I could lose my virginity to, I’d die happy. I was a single, virgin 18-year-old boy and she was all woman with curves to kill for. That day, she saw me watching her, so she smiled and waved at me. I returned her acknowledgement and decided that now is the time. After 5 years, I am writing my experience of how I had lost virginity to a woman anyone can die for.

I rang her doorbell and she opened the door. “Colton. Hi. What can I do for you?” she asked. “Umm…I was wondering if you…if you had a toolkit?” I asked. She frowned. I had to come up with something. “Let me check my garage,” she said and I followed her. She located it on a high shelf but as she couldn’t reach it I volunteered. When I got down I caught her ogling at my ass and abs. Yeah, I worked out a bit. I smile and prowled towards her. Her eyes widened and she started moving back and stammering. But I didn’t let her get away. With quick strides, I went close to her and took her mouth in a kiss.

It was hot. Her body melted into mine and grabbed a handful of her luscious ass. We kissed some more before she broke off panting, “We shouldn’t be doing this.” “Why? I am attracted to you. Clearly, you are too. So why not?” I silenced her arguments with another kiss. This time she didn’t stop me. I pull down her sports bra to reveal one breast. The nipple is pointing at me and it’s rosy in colour. I couldn’t wait so I bent and took it in my mouth. I tear her top and release both her breasts and my hands and mouth are occupied by her tits.

I squeeze them and massage them showing them all the attention they deserve for being the most spectacular set of tits. She moaned in my arms and I sucked her harder. I leave her nipple with a pop and drag her to her bedroom. I pushed her on the bed, her chest naked while she had pants on. I divested of my clothing and pulled off her pants. My dick saluted her as he was as anxious as me to get into her. I kissed her again as I lay on top of her. I ground my cock into her folds and feel her wrap her legs around me.

Then we flipped and she took control. She grabbed a condom and put it on my stiff cock. Then she placed it at her entrance and she sank down. She was riding me, cowgirl style. There was nothing sexier than a woman who took anything she wanted. She rode me with abandon and her tits bounced near my face. I was watching them and then found my opportunity to bite her tit. I played with them as she bounced on me. I pinched one of her nipples and she came. Her pussy convulsed around me and squeezed my virgin dick hard. I shot ropes of cum into the condom as she still rode me into oblivion. I knew I had lost virginity to a woman I always dreamt of, and I was in the seventh heaven with the satisfaction.

“That was hot,” I said. “Thanks for taking my virginity.” “You were a virgin?” she asked and I laughed pouncing on her again for round two.

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