I cheated on my loving wife and I don’t regret it

I am married for almost eight years now. I am Robert, a lawyer in Oklahoma. My marriage to Olivia has been the definition of perfect conjugal life. One kid, a dog, a home in a noteworthy neighborhood, busy social and professional life, a loving wife and sex that doesn’t get boring even after all these times. I have it all. It is not like I never fantasized other women before but acting upon it has always been off the table. I could not even think of it. I love her so much and so does she, but I cheated on my loving wife eventually.

I am on a work tour in LA and it’s the second-last day. It was just 9 in the evening and I had my phone call with my wife. Alone in my hotel room, I decided to let go a bit and hence visited the rooftop bar and nightclub of the hotel. Who knew, disaster could be so sexy and tempting, waiting there with open arms for me?

“You are too handsome to be drinking alone at this corner.” The slurring sweet voice that chimed as I sipped on my third peg of whiskey made me look up. She was about 5’8” and had the most perfect body I could imagine. Her dark curls fell over her boobs and shoulders, slightly unkempt. Her face was striking- thick lips, a small nose and green eyes set against her slightly tanned skin- she was exotic. She was a professor. It didn’t take long after that for the conversation to heat up as we laughed, drank and called the shots.

The next phase was rather in a frenzy and all I remember is we kissed over my 6th whiskey shot and there was an unspoken decision being made in seconds. We didn’t break the kiss as we took the elevator down to my room. She crossed her slender legs around my butt as I picked her up while entering the room. The dimmed ambient lights of my room just spiced up our intoxication. I barely remembered I was married as I threw her on the bed and lunged on top of her pulling of the noodle-straps off her shoulder while I caressed her neck. She was a wild one. My shirt was unbuttoned even before I got down to her perked up boobs. Our bed creaked and squealed as we lunged at each other trying to dominate the foreplay.

She won the tussle and I was trapped under her and she pinned my hands above my head. Her boobs were spilling out of her short dress and I could feel her wet panties on my crotch. She pulled of the dress and I realized, she had no panties or bra on. My hard dick was getting uncomfortable and tight inside my pants and I badly wanted her to take it off. It seemed like she could read my mind as she smiled and unzipped my trouser to pull it down. My dick was straining against my underpants and I just could not hold back any longer. I swiftly took advantage of the distraction and rolled her over and pinned her under me. Then went down on her and found her clit. I gave a small lick and heard her gasp. Slowly I started eating her pussy while she moaned and thrashed. Olivia never lets me do this for her coyness. This was the best thing in the world.

I could feel her give way to the orals and she squirted right on my face. It was warm and came in jet-speed. She gasped, “I want you inside but I go on top.”

I as too happy to oblige- another new thing to experience that I don’t get from my marriage. I lied down on my back while she climbed on top of me. I could feel her wet pussy slither down on my dick- so warm and tight. She started gyrating her hips on my pelvic bone and squatted low. I could feel my dick hit a spot as she moved faster and faster. Was that her G-spot? It was a glorious view from under her. Her round and perky boobs bounced as she jumped. I grabbed her waist to help her balance better. I could feel tension building around my dick. She probably felt it too.

All of a sudden, she pulled off and I felt empty. I almost tried wiggling up and complain like a child when I say her mischievous smile. She lowered her full lips over my dick and sucked hard. It felt so good. I never knew in my eight years of marriage that a blowjob can feel this good.  She was murmuring sweet nothings as she simultaneously gave a hand job and a blowjob. In a few minutes I came so hard. I was gasping for air and mumbling as I looked up at her face. Her face was covered in my sperm and so was her boobs.

She went off to the bathroom to wash her face, hair and boobs while I sat up gaping around me and fathoming what just happened. I lit a cigarette and went to the window of my room. I remembered Olivia but somehow it did not sink in that I actually cheated on my loving wife right now. She walked out the bathroom right at that moment, water glistening over her body and thoughts of Olivia and home seemed to fade away in an instant. It was just 3 in the morning and the night felt young still.

I gestured her to crawl in the bed and as she did, I wrapped her in my arms and kissed her passionately. Her soft and full lips crushed against mine as our tongues fought a love-war. She was even more exquisite now and then I remembered, I did not ask her name so far. But then, was started in LA stays in LA and I decided it didn’t matter. I cheated on my loving wife but I really don’t regret my decision.

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