I Cheated for Sex and I don’t Regret it

The days were monotonous since they were confined to work and a dying relationship. I have been in a relationship with this amazing guy for almost two years. Initially, the bond was thriving, so were our genitals. But with time, he grew more occupied with work and consequently, the time he devoted to me in bed reduced and I had to rely on the vibrator in the drawer. Touching myself, thinking about the men in the magazines and porn had a drastic effect on my sexual fetishes. I admit that I was tired from the lack of action and I cheated for sex.

I realized that I needed a dick inside me and not just a toy fidgeting with my clit. I tried to dress up in my lingerie in order to catch my man’s attention. All in vain. He kissed my forehead and bragged about how tired he was for sex. I drank away my disappointment that night. My frustrated self wanted to just have a night of fierce sex and satisfaction. The thought of hands fondling with every inch of my body made me wet. I found myself going back to my vibrator once again. I sucked the tip, and rubbed it on my vagina, making it wet with every stroke.

The next morning, I got a call from my friend who invited me for a house party. Formerly, I did not want to go, but I needed to distract myself from my work and my partner. His presence had started to get on my nerves. I could not tell him, nor could I end it. I somewhere felt that he was my soulmate and I was in love with him. After considering the other options, I decided to go. After all, the alcohol was in my favour. A night with my girl friends might have been what I needed.

I put on my little red dress and my fishnet stockings. I deserve to look hot at least once in a while, I thought. My heels were uncomfortable but I did not care anymore. I have been adjusting in an uncomfortable and lifeless relationship. The shoes weren’t really my concern. My spaghetti bra made my tits look good. The deep neck cut of my dress might have worked wonders in older days if I didn’t decide to settle for one man. The red lipstick shall go well with my puffed up lips. I was ready to go.

I rang the bell and waited for my friend to receive me. She appeared in no time and welcomed me in. But wait! There were unfamiliar faces at the party. She introduced me to the other members. However, this guy in a black shirt caught my eye. He was tall and had an intimidating gaze. Upon inquiring, I got to know that he was my friend’s date. Another fling, I lost, I realized. My friend was very open minded and had cheated for sex quite a few times. Like every party, the game of truth and dare was suggested. I was asked to strip. There I was, completing the rest of the game in my bra and underwear. A number of boys started staring at me, but the one in black shirt turned away. I wanted him. I will have him.

Soon, the drinks hit all of us and my friend passed out on the couch. I helped her guy carry her to the bedroom. We realized that she was not going to wake up before morning. On our way back to the corridor, I felt him grabbing me by the waist and pushing me against the wall. I didn’t know whether it was his lust for me or the whiskey acting up. Whatever it was, I didn’t want him to stop. He bit my neck and I moaned, grabbing his hair. We entered a bedroom nearby and he ripped my clothes off. Fuck it! I wanted his dick inside me. We craved for each other.

I unzipped his pants and went down on him. I sucked on that big dick, gagging and spitting on it. I choked but he did not stop, rather grabbed my hair and made me suck on it. I loved it too much to complain. He lifted me up, carried me to the bed in no time and spread my legs before eating me. I could feel it getting wet, the white fluid dripping from my pussy while he fingered and used his tongue on my clit. I moaned and he went on like a hungry wolf.

He pushed me to the bed, and rubbed his cock on my wet pussy. ‘Stop teasing me daddy,’ I managed to utter. He smiled and pushed it in. I let out a moan. I wanted it so bad. He pressed and squeezed my tits while I scratched his bare back. With every passing minute, the pace increased. I bit my lips and he kissed me. Our tongues entangled. He looked into my eyes and fucked me hard. The sex was quite energetic like I had seen on thicc Asian sex videos some time back. He made me cum and pulled his dick out and reached for my mouth and pushed it in. I sucked harder before he finally came on my tongue.

He passed me a cigarette and we left after a smoke. We swore not to tell anyone about it. The memories in bed were worth cherishing. I cheated for sex on my partner but it was worth it.

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