My butler and gardener fucks really good

I had been married in a loveless bond for 12 years. My husband is a businessman and there is never any scarcity of luxury and material things at home. But our marriage lacked the most important elements- passion and love. My husband never could satisfy me and I had accepted my fate. Being an elite lady, affair was out of question. I was pretty much trapped in my home when Judith came in my life like a breeze of fresh air and passion. Judith is our new butler. Young, agile and handsome- he caught my eyes from the very first day. Later on I understood he is not just good in his work but fucks really good too.

For a 38-year-old, I am quite attractive still. My curvy body and elegant features have always drawn attention of men around me. The first day Judith stepped into the household, his shy yet swift flicker of eyes all over my body did not escape my eyes. I was a bit annoyed about it and yet thrilled. After that, I occasionally caught myself imagining him in many compromising ways with me.

My husband stays out of town quite often. In this huge mansion, its mostly Judith and me who stays all day. Other servants usually leave before nightfall. I started walking around the house in my night clothes or bath robes occasionally, showing off my curves especially when Judith was around. I often noticed him peaking at me from the corner of his eyes. I loved to tease him.

It was one such day. The servants have been dismissed. My husband was out of station. I knew Judith was working downstairs at the kitchen, setting the table. I decided to take a bath. I scrubbed and washed myself and touched my boobs and vagina in the bathtub imagining him. I heard a slight noise in my room and was startled. Wrapping my bathrobe around me, I stepped out to find the source of the noise. There was no one around it seemed. As I turned back to get back into the bathroom, a pair of rough hands grabbed me from behind. I almost shouted but there was a whisper in my ears, “You roam around half-naked like a little slut and think I will be happy just looking at you? Now you are going to get a taste of some real fucking- not what your puny husband does for a couple of minutes now and then.”

It was Judith. I had always lusted him and was really thrilled in this scenario though it was supposed to be scary. I felt his fingers roughly rip apart the bathrobe while squeezing my boobs. The shock came when I felt another pair of hand ravaging my vagina. I opened my eyes to see our gardener leering in front of me. Judith must have told his plan to him and invited him to stay back today! Now I was afraid. I never liked this man- his harsh demeanor and lewd manners and the way he stared at me always gave me chills.

I tried my best to break away from both of them but they were strong. Our gardener, Mike held my legs and they both lifted me up to throw me on the bed. I tried to grapple and move away when Judith pounced on me. He dragged me to the edge of the bed and dangled his dick in front of me. He pushed it in my mouth before I could say anything and pounded relentlessly. Right then I felt a pair of strong hands grabbing my legs and spreading them apart. The gardener was moving in to push his dick inside my vagina. Before I could move away, he had thrusted his dick inside.

The situation was as humiliating and as bizarre as it can get. Yet I felt thrilled and happy. I couldn’t believe after so many years I got two real men wanting me this much. I instinctively thrust my hip upwards to help Mike go deeper while Judith kept fucking my mouth. I was almost gasping for air when they switched position. Now Judith was holding my waist and put one leg up his shoulder to drill deeper. He fucks really good and I was enjoying it. Mike was slapping his dick on my face. I opened my mouth wide so he would put it in. He did not wait to be commanded and thrusted his dick deep down my throat. Judith kept fucking and was now sucking on my boobs.

“You really love this bitch, don’t you? You have no idea for how long I wanted to fuck your little pussy. Running around in skimpy clothes and acting all innocent when you are just a slut!” Mike was throwing insults at me left and right as he fucked my mouth. I really didn’t care anymore though.

Judith was almost orgasming now and he drew out is cock and unloaded on my boobs. Mike drew out his dick and replaced Judith’s. He fucked fast and hard and I could almost feel him hitting my G-spot painfully. He was thick and almost 8 inches long. I can’t believe I had dismissed this guy as a potential boytoy earlier. He fucks really good and was better than Judith.

“I am going to unload in you bitch. I always wanted imagined filling up your old pussy with my warm juices.”

I didn’t want that and tried to fight him off but he put his weight on me and immobilized me. Then he unloaded his juices inside my vagina. It was hot- the sensation made me orgasm explosively. I never had such an orgasm in a long time. I had not felt the warmth of a man’s juice in my vagina for a long time and both of them fucks really good.

When they were both done, they left me on the bed and went away. I laid down there covered in their juices. I could not believe what just happened but all I felt was thrill and happiness. I knew deep down I can never get back to regular sex after this and was already eager to imagine the next time.

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