My girlfriend is crazy for anal penetration

Have you ever experienced something once and then got into it so badly that you are crazy for it? It is an experience many of us have when we first have sex. But for my girlfriend, it was after she had anal penetration the first time. She is the conservative type- a very shy and delicate girl. I love her madly but her reservations and stereotypes about sex often created a breach between us. I wanted to explore anal sex and BDSM for a long time but she was just not into it.

Finally, I managed to convince her once and initially she hated the experience. But the same night, after a few times, she was begging me to only bone her ass. The sweet chirpy girl had becoming a raving bitch and would not stop even when I was getting tired. Ever since that day, she has been so crazy for anal penetration, she demands it every time we are together. This is the story about one time when she decided to provoke me to give her what she wants.

We were on a vacation to Greece and it is a heaven for any guy. You cannot find an ugly Greek woman or man. My girlfriend occasionally caught me staring a bit too long at random women passing by us. She was seething with anger by the time we reached our hotel. I decided to pacify her with a nice date planned down at the hotel’s bar and restaurant. We went down there for our dinner and she initially looked really happy with the arrangements. I had got musicians to serenade her and planned a candle-light dinner. Soon we were done and headed to the bar area for some drinks and a wild night out. That’s where she started playing her games. Little did I know it was all a ruse to get me irked enough to fuck her like a bull.

There were a couple of local guys at the bar counter. She would occasionally stare at them and smiled every time their eyes met. Initially it looked playful to me but soon I was getting really jealous. When I confronted her, she ignored me and started browsing photos on That just irked me more. I took away the phone so she would give me her undivided attention. But she went back to staring at them. Soon those guys took the hint a little too seriously and came over to get introduced to her, completely ignoring me. But she thankfully asked them to back off and not read too much between the lines. Then she turned to me and winked, “Did you like a dose of your own medicine? See what you do to me every time you are staring at those stranger chicks?”

I was infuriated. All these she did was to get back at me? I quickly cleared the bill and pulled her out of the bar to get back to our room. In the elevator, I roughly kissed her and bit her lips so hard that I drew blood. But it just seemed to elate her more. She kissed me back equally forcefully. We were gripping each other as we made our way to the room. Finally, we managed to turn the keys and enter. I picked her off the floor and put her on my shoulder and swatted her ass. She yelped but giggled at the same time.

I threw her down on the bed and tore off the dress which was a lacy, provocative little thing. I really did not care about her limited closet during the trip- I will buy her another dress tomorrow if needed. She did not wear a bra or panty. Her perky boobs were already prickly as her nipples had hardened. I squeezed them together really hard. She let out a tiny yelp and a cry. But I didn’t care and I started biting them next. I was kissing her neck and caressing around her collarbone while she was pulling off my t-shirt. Soon she had unzipped my pants and I felt my boner touching her tummy. I slowly rubbed it against her belly, teasing her. Then I flipped her over and was crazy with rage that she was provoking random guys at the bar.

I did not care much about lubrication and thrusted my dick up her ass. She cried out loudly as I forced my boner into her. But I fucked her anyway. Soon she was egging me to go harder on her and was calling me names. My girl has learnt to talk dirty! I kept on fucking her ass as hard as I could. I pulled out my dick once to see her asshole looking her a gaping hole. I drove my boner in her once more. Anal penetration makes her go crazy every time.

In another half an hour, I was on the verge of climaxing. I decided to pause and flipped her over to lick her clitoris. She was really wet and sloppy. I started licking her anyway and soon she was moaning and thrashing on the bed. In a few minutes she has squirted a load of her juices in my mouth and I was drenched. Then I flipped her once more and shoved my dick up her ass. This time I showed no mercy as I pounded her really hard and now she was finding anal penetration a bit tough.

She was crying out gibberish as I boned her hard. In a few minutes, I climaxed in her ass and finally stopped. I slumped on her back and kissed her neck. She slumped down from my weight. We stayed that way for some time. Finally, I rolled off her and laid on my back. She turned her head towards me and smiled. She moved forward and planted a light kiss on my lips and forehead. Then she sighed and said, “If making you jealous means you will not easy on my ass, I am going to flirt around every day.” She smirked and slept as I stared her way incredulously.

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