Lesbian partner took me by surprise

I recently moved to New York from Kentucky. They geographical chance as well as cultural was immense. Adjusting to the new place and culture were not the only challenges though. I am Verona, and I am lesbian. It was not the best experience to come out of the closet in my teenage years in Kentucky. Coming from a very conservative neighborhood and family, I was always looked down upon by everyone. So much so, I even started dating guys to calm down the gossips instead of trying to find a lesbian partner.

But once in New York, the first relief was the acceptance. No one had the time to care about my sexuality when they had three jobs at a time. But the best part was finding more women like me who were looking around to date and meet people. I never believed in the virtual dating concepts and hence, decided to meet people organically and go with the flow. This meant, every weekend you would find me alone at local pubs biding my time and hoping to meet the woman of my dreams. Little did I know I was looking in the wrong places.

Soon after shifting to New York as an intern at a leading publishing house, I took up a gym membership in our office building. The service was free for anyone from our office though it was a shared gym with other corporate offices in the building. Every day I would spend an hour there after office. Occasionally I had noticed a red-head tall girl who came irregularly. I would often notice her peaking at me whenever she was here. I ignored at first but decided to try my luck one day. As I approached her, introducing myself, it was clear that she was very shy but was interested. I asked her out for the weekend at my favorite pub.

On Friday evening we both headed out of office to the pub and settled down at one corner. Once the conversation flowed, it didn’t take us long to start discussing our fantasies. I had always wondered what does a butt plug feel like and confessed I never had sex with a woman before though I was a lesbian. Her name is Shireen. She laughed and looked surprised but she moved forward and kissed me on the lips in that public place. I was stunned. I nervously looked around while she giggled, “No one here cares Verona. But would you like to feel a butt plug today?” I felt this was going way too fast but my curiosity got the better of me and I agreed. Finding a compatible lesbian partner was important too.

My apartment was round the corner and we quickly settled out bill and headed to my home. We were already kissing as we crossed the threshold and barely managed to close the door. I quickly took off her shirt while she was yanking her skirt off. She stood before me in matching peach bra and panties.

I started throwing off my clothes to the flow. Then we both moved towards each other and hugged and kissed. Her breasts were so soft and round. They must be at least 36C. She was slightly chubby but I loved that. As we made out in the living room, she asked where was the bedroom. I nodded to the direction and she pushed me slowly but firmly that way without breaking off the kiss.

The next moment I realized I was falling back on the bed. She pulled off my panties and climbed over me and started kissing my breasts. She pulled out my boobs from the bra and started sucking on them. I squeezed her breasts and then reached down to her butt and placed a playful slap on one butt cheek. Soon she was sliding down and kissed my clitoris. I shivered. I was already very wet down there. She started licking my vagina and slowly fingering it. I moaned out loudly and felt a gush of warm juices coming out.

She spread it all over my butt hole and kept on sucking and licking my clit. I was completely slobbery down there. Then she got up and started rummaging her bag- she had pulled out a silver butt plug. I was wide-eyed. I didn’t expect she carries one with her. She read my expression correctly and said, “Oh well- you know they are rather discreet way of pleasuring yourself whenever you want and wherever you are.”

My ass was a slathered mess from all the juices from my vagina. She slowly worked in the butt plug into my butt hole. It felt a bit tight in the beginning but soon it just popped in. only the string to pull it out was hanging out of my butt. Shireen started fingering my vagina while the butt plug was in there and suddenly I felt a mind-numbing vibration there. It was a electric plug and she had its remote.

Shireen steadily kept increasing and decreasing the frequency while fingering in constantly. I was beside myself from the pleasureful sensation. In about 10 minutes, I climaxed hard and moaned out her name as I slumped down face down on my bed. Though it was my first sex experience but she was the best lesbian partner one can get. Shireen climbed over my back and started biting and kissing my neck. After some time, I flipped her over and pinned her under me on the bed, and whispered, “Your turn.”

I played with her breasts and licked her vagina as long as I could. She was thrashing and moaning on the bed. She was so sensitive- I was sure she would not need a toy to make her climax. Sure enough, after fifteen minutes of teasing her, she had climaxed and her juices drenched my mouth and face. She sighed and heaved as she lied down. I crawled in beside her and kissed her lips. We shared a deep and long kiss for a while, holding each other close. All this while, I had completely forgotten the butt plug was still inside till she smiled wickedly and turned it on again. I think I found a lesbian partner for now.

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