The girl who fulfilled my fetish for foot

It has been a while since I was with someone. After my last breakup, I did not have the heart to pursue anyone else. Breakups were always hard for me, especially because I knew why they eventually left. My fantasies and fetishes seemed…um, too much to handle for them, I guess. My last girlfriend, Veronica left the moment I explained her my fetish. So, you can understand, now I was apprehensive to open up at all to anyone. One of my fetishes is fetish for foot. Life was getting mundane with the same old routine of office and home. Occasionally, I would go out for a drink but avoided any women who showed interest in me. It was frustrating and eventually I turned to virtual cameras and websites for solace.

Because of my fetish for foot, I love watching tiny and beautiful feet on love her feet. Especially women who have “baby feet” appeal the most to me. This is when I came across Carly. That is her profile name. She has the most perfect pinkish tiny feet and she knew how to be seductive with them. I admire her feet and would occasionally masturbate watching her. Soon, we connected on chat and slowly we started spending hours talking about our fantasies. It was hard to believe our fantasies were so similar. I would invite her over but she tactfully avoided the discussion. After a few months I was getting desperate to meet her. However, she kept up the charade and drove me crazier.

Eventually I started hunting her down all over social media but it was impossible to find her. I was giving up and decided not to see her anymore. Her thoughts kept me distracted all day and I was going crazy. Hence, I stopped checking her videos completely. Almost six months later, I received a message from her saying she is in my city and wishes to meet. I was elated but did not show her my excitement. I cordially invited her home the following Sunday for dinner.

At 7 in the evening, she came that Sunday. I opened the door and there she was- prettier than what I have seen in the pictures. She was in a simple dress but wearing a black strappy stilettoes- the exact design I told her was my favorite. Her toes were painted with shiny red nail polish and were pinkish from the tight straps of the shoes. I invited her in and could not hold back anymore and hugged her. She gave in and we stood that way for some time. I whispered in her ears to keep the shoes on. She looked in my eyes and smiled naughtily.

We had dinner and decided to watch a movie together. As we sat on the couch, I made her rest her feet on my lap. She slightly tapped my groin with the heels of her shoe. I bent forward and kissed the tips of each of her toes. She moaned slightly and closed her eyes in pleasure. I slowly and deliberately removed her shoes while looking at her face. Then I started kissing her heel and the down-side of her feet. My fetish for foot was going on live and I was experiencing it live. She shivered a bit from my touch and loved that reaction. Next, I started licking her feet and sucked on the big toe of her left leg. With her right leg, she was slowly massaging my dick. I was getting really hard and the jeans felt uncomfortably tight.

I unbuttoned my jeans with one hand and continued sucking on her toes. She quickly switches position and came on me and sat astride on my lap. Then she kissed my lips. She was petite and her body felt so soft against me. I quickly removed her dress and she was naked underneath. She wasted no time in removing my t-shirt and jeans. My boner sprang out and she giggled. Then she quickly put my dick in her mouth and sucked and closed her eyes in pleasure. I moaned out and grabbed one of her tits and squeezed hard. Then I bundled her up in my arms and carried her to my bedroom as she laughed and giggled, surprised by my move.

I put her down on the bed and then went on top of her. I started with her feet. I sucked the thumbs and almost worshipped her beautiful feet. Then I slowly proceeded upwards and kissed her thigh and licked the inside of her knees. She was thrashing and moaning on the bed. But my best move was reserved for the last. I brushed my nose and chin against her clitoris and blew slightly. She squirmed and then I buried my face between her thighs. I started licking her vagina and sucked her clitoris. It did not take her long to climax after that.

As she trashed on the bed and squirted, I positioned my dick at her vagina. I thrust it in and started pounding her hard. She shouted and blabbered asking me to fuck her harder. I did as she wanted and her boobs jiggled crazily around as I did so. I sucked one of her boobs and grabbed the other as I kept on fucking. After about twenty minutes of non-stop pounding in her vagina with my boner, I was finally on the verge of climaxing. I pulled out just in time and then positioned my dick at her face. I unloaded all my juices on her face and lips. She smacked her lips at the salty, pungent taste and grinned at me.

After that we lay beside each other while I rubbed my toes against hers. I could feel another boner coming along and she did too as it poked at the side of her waist. She looked at me mysteriously and her hand went towards my dick. She did not break the eye contact as she massaged my dick once more and signaled it was time for the second round. Apart from fetish for foot, I would explore my other fetishes soon.

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