My Anal sex fantasy got fulfiled

I am Samantha and this is the story of that one incident which fulfilled my anal sex fantasy finally. This was during my trip to Florida with my college gang. We were a group of 16 people. Not all of us were first-hand acquainted and were there because of common friends. We had booked a hostel for us all where one dormitory was shared by 16 of us.

Sneaking into each other’s bed was not uncommon for the lovebirds in the group but rather awkward for the singles. This was one such day when I got tired of watching my best friend make out in the next bunk and decided I need some fresh air. I stepped out in the hostel balcony to see one of the guys already there. He was a mutual acquaintance but we never interacted much before. He smiled and waved and I did the same.

“What brought you here?” He asked.

“Uh… let’s say I just needed a break from watching live soft porn on the next bunk.” I sighed and he laughed.

“Yeah, same here. It getting frustrating and awkward, especially if you don’t have someone to share the feelings with.”

It didn’t take much longer for our conversation to start after this. It was getting heated up when my friend giggled and stepped outside finally. The rest of the group were all out and about. She and her boyfriend were going to join them soon. I excused myself and went in the dormitory for I needed some peace and quiet. To my surprise, I saw the new guy step in closely behind me.

“Aren’t you going out with them?”

“No, I think I will stay in too tonight- I was planning too anyway.”

It was followed by some awkward silence. We both spoke up to break the silence at the same time, making it even more awkward. He invited me to his bunk so we don’t have to shout across the hall. Sitting at close proximity, I could feel an electric jolt run through my body every time our arms brushed. And the next thing I knew was us kissing passionately. There was no sweet talk or words of romance- it was pure hormones that raged like wildfire and engulfed us.

We kissed and hugged each other as we made out. We had never even asked each other’s name but that just made the experience so much more thrilling. I never imagined in my wildest dream this group tour can turn out even one bit wild for me and enjoy erotic sex like this.

He had already pulled off my camisole and pajamas and was sucking hard on my nipples. His lips were caressing all over me hungrily. It was pure lust. I had hookups before but nothing this fast. I bit his neck while he pulled my hair to expose my throat and lick me there. In seconds, he was down on me and was slowly pushing apart my thighs. He licked and kissed the insides of my thigh and then flicked his tongue over my vagina. The teasing felt like I was on seventh heaven. He kept flicking his tongue lightly sucking the clitoris till I started moaning nonsense at him.

I pulled and clawed his hair to drag him up and let him insert his dick. But he had other plans. Instead, he went in the 69 position and dangled his dick over my face. I wasted no time to gobble it up and suck as hard and fast as I could while he continued his sweet assault on my vagina. His precum was filling my mouth and I was desperate to fuck him. At the same time, I felt like I was almost at the brink of an orgasm. Suddenly he stopped and went off me. I was about to express my disappointment but he simply flipped me over on my stomach and then helped me get on all fours.

I was trembling in anticipation hoping he will fuck me at last. But instead, I felt his lips around my asshole. He was kissing and licking my butt cheeks and around the ass. No one had ever done this to me before. It was pleasure at its best. Slowly I could feel his finger positioned at my butthole. Was he about to do exactly what I have been wishing to experience so long? He made me suck the finger first and then slowly worked its way into the butt hole. He fucked my butt with a couple of his fingers for some time. Then he pulled them out all of a sudden. I was about to turn back and look but he held my neck in position to imply I was not look but just enjoy the feel.

Slowly I could feel a slight wet meaty feel around my butthole that was rubbing on it. May be my anal sex fantasy was going to come true tonight. He was positioning his dick! I was excited to experience it but also nervous. However, it seemed he was finally overcome by his passions and thrusted lightly. It was painful- it felt like stabbing. I let out a half-hearted protest that he ignored. He then pushed harder and half his dick was in. it was a strangely painful but pleasurable feeling. It felt forbidden but that’s what made it so thrilling.

I was overwhelmed but then he pushed harder still finally inserting the entire dick. It hurt but now he showed no mercy as he pumped in and out fast and hard. The initial pain was gone and all I could feel was ecstasy. I was moaning and egging him to go harder. I felt my body convulse and let out the most explosive orgasm I ever had. I was squirting rapidly and I could feel him cum in my ass. He pulled out right after that leaving me in a puddle of my own cum and his. Its only now that I processed what we just did but all I could feel was the ecstasy of finally fulfilling my fetish and enjoyed my anal sex fantasy.

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