A fantastic night of firsts

I was late! I was running for an internal meeting and when I burst into the conference room, I saw it was empty? Only Sean was sitting there looking amused. “The meeting is cancelled,” he said in an understanding voice. I take a breath of relief and sit on the nearest chair. I had a lot to do, so I thank him and start working there. It was a Friday so most of the staff leave at around 3 and it’s only me and him working. We didn’t disturb each other at all while working but now I feel something change and it became a fantastic night.

Sean walks over and asks if I would leave and I say that I will wait for him. It is late by the time we leave so we go to a bar to relax a little. A few drinks in and I am on a nice high, so is Sean by the looks of it. He asks me if I want to go to his house, so I can see his little one. I don’t think much of it and go over. We enter the house and he presses against me. All the alcohol high leaves my brain. “Do you really want to see my little one?” he asks in a husky tone and I know what it is about. It is a split-second decision and I agree to help him make it a fantastic night before the weekend.

In fact, I take his hand and sit on the couch. I put his hand in between my legs, letting him feel around. Although he had a few drinks, he knows what to do. His fingers probe my clitoris and I spread my legs letting him in. He has rough fingers and his touch makes me shiver. I lick my lips feeling his fingers rubbing my clit, touching all around it and pressing it.  Every time he touches the intimate part I feel like a bad girl. This is Sean, the office’s good boy. And he is doing all these dirty things to me.

Then he touches my pussy opening and rubs all around it. He puts two fingers inside my pussy and gets in without much resistance. I was already leaking and horny? Wow! Sean is good.  His face is screwed in concentration as he moves his fingers inside my pussy and touches all the ridges. My legs lift on their own and he holds them down. He fingers me, touches me all around – there isn’t one place that is left untouched. I have started moaning now, loud and clear. He laughs and kisses me, silencing me.

“Do you like ass play?” he whispers softly. “Ummm, I haven’t tried it before,” I tell him honestly. He smiles and kisses me again. “Take off your clothes,” he commands and stands up. I watch him undress as I do it too. His eyes stay on my breasts as he licks his lips watching me. Then he comes close and presses his body with mine. An animalistic growl leaves his mouth and his mouth sucks the side of my neck. He holds my ass, touches my curves as he places kisses on my neck and chest.

His mouth lands on my left breast and without hesitation, he sucks my left nipple. It is almost like electric shocks flowing through me. I hold him there encouraging him to do it more. He touches the other nipple with his hand and rubs it. Then he lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. He goes to the bedroom and puts me down on the bed. I move back and he comes on the bed with me. He lies over me kissing me and his cock nestles in between my legs.

His cock is large and fat and I can feel its presence. He rubs himself over my pussy and clitoris. He covers himself in a condom and then prepares my pussy for his cock. He pushes the tip of his cock into my entrance and just rotates it around. Then he pushes in stretching my pussy. His thrusts are slow but strong. The bed shakes as he increases his pace. Then he pulls out and puts lube on his cock. He asks me to turn around and puts lube in my asshole too.

He is rubbing the liquid around the asshole and then puts the tip of his finger in it. I am not ready for it and I softly moan. “Shhh,” he says and keeps rubbing the liquid into my hole. Then slowly he adds another finger and rubs more lube. Then he pulls it out and I see a screw-shaped butt plug. I am excited yet scared when he puts that into my ass. It is slow but he does manage to push the butt plug in. I am going to experience much more is what I was thinking in the first date yet a fantastic night.

“This will help you,” he says as I feel full. We are in the doggy position as he fucks my pussy. His thrusts are rough and I am feeling good. He is playing with my clit as he moves. He is softly caressing it when I feel pleasure. I lay down and he fucks me lazily, lies on me and kisses my back. Then we get back up and he pulls out the butt plug. The plug has left a gap which is soon filled by his cock. He is fat and he fucks my asshole. As he does that his fingers penetrate my pussy, playing. The whole time he is fucking my ass, his fingers are in my pussy.

I feel so good. Then his pace increases and he pinches my clit. I squirt as I cum and wet his bed. I can hear his moans as he cums too. We both fall on the bed as we climax. This was a first in many ways – a hookup, anal play and I enjoyed it completely and made it a fantastic night to remember.

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