An erotic touch and I was addicted

She touched me when I was craving for a hand to hold me. She came into my life when I was walking through the dark alley in solitude. These may sound like mere words of optimism to some of you readers but to me, it was a life changing experience. You know, we often meet that one person in the most unexpected time and there we are, hooked on to that person. Some of us, who cannot open up to people easily, feel deeply with just an erotic touch. Especially when we know that the person is not the right one for us.

I might sound bipolar but read the entire story to know my point.  However, something about red flags is so addictive. There were several reasons to not fall for her but that one reason to do so, made me cross my lines. Yes, I do sound like a heartbroken one sided lover. I might be one, I am not sure, but I do not mind being so. I have been single for a while and do use a full size sex doll for my sexual needs. Nonetheless, I am here to share my story and I shall do so, with or without being mocked. So, I met Anaya on a virtual dating platform.

Something about anonymity is such a turn on. I was intrigued by her profile. She had some of the really pretty pictures and her bio said, ‘I have a boyfriend. But does it matter?’ I smiled while we matched. I pinged her up and ended up having a lengthy conversation. We did talk for a couple of days and she called me over for ‘Netflix and chill’? I put on some of my favorite clothes and waiting at the doorsteps. She answered me in her usual tank top and booty shorts with a cigarette in her hand.

She smiled at me and I followed her to the bedroom. As soon, as I stepped in, I felt her smooth arms drive me closer to her and gave me an erotic touch. She leaned against the wall and there we were, kissing and running our fingers, feeling each others’ skin. I slipped my hands under her top and felt her bare waist while she slipped her luscious lips from my mouth to my neck and shoulders, kissing and biting them aggressively. I pinched her waist and reached for her bra. I unhooked it in an instant while she grabbed my hair.

I removed her top, took her bra off and she put my hands on her gorgeous breasts. I rum my fingers all over them, pinching her nipples while she held on to me tighter. I pinned her arms to the wall, kissing her, entangling my tongue with hers. I grabbed her butt and spanked it a few times. I spread her legs with my knees and kissed her intensely. I could taste her mouth and she slid her hand to my crotch, rubbing my dick. She could feel my cock getting hard by her touch. She smiled and knelt down.

I watched her slowly going down on me. She unzipped my pants, unbuttoned it and held my dick in her soft hands. She licked the tip, teasing me. I grabbed her hair and shoved my cock in her mouth until she choked on it. She sucked on my hard dick as hard as she could and used her tongue often, thus, adding on to my excitement. She pushed it down her throat and gagged on it for several minutes until I held her throat, pulled her back up, kissing her again. She moaned under her breath and I picked her up, heading to the bed.

I pushed her down, pinning her hands to the bed post while she looked into my eyes. I brushed my lips against hers and slipped them to her neck and there was no looking back. I explored her breasts with my fingers, caressing her nipples as they hardened with the flick of my tongue. She moaned while I kissed her, grabbing her hair. I moved down further and she didn’t want me to stop. I touched her clit with my tongue and there was no looking back. She clenched the bed sheets and I ate her like there was no tomorrow.

I pushed a couple of fingers in her pussy and she asked for more. That is when I replaced my fingers with my hard cock. I shoved my cock into her pussy and she could feel the length of raw meat tear her pussy up. With every stroke, her vagina was dripping with warm fluid. I kept stroking soft and slow and she begged me to go harder on her. I kept fucking her while she moaned in pleasure. My throbbing dick was as hard as a rock and I knew I had to cum inside her. And there we were, letting it go in each other’s arms. I was in seventh heaven and we got off at the same time.

So this was one of my real hookup stories. The trouble however began when I started masturbating to her and thinking about the previous day gave me a hard on at odd hours. I was addicted to the erotic touch.

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