I got the juiciest 20-year old to satisfy my needs

Hello I am Jessica and this is the story of my life. You can judge me all you want for the affair but nothing is above that satisfy my needs- physical and emotional. Let’s start from where it all started- my brittle marital life. I have been married to Kenneth for twelve years but childless. […]

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The Hot Waitress Offered Me More Than Just Room Service

My name is Ken and I am a 45 year old entrepreneur. I occasionally have to travel for my business and meet up with clients. You can say, much of the year gets spent at hotels for me. Especially in San Francisco, I have a very specific hotel where I always opt for their corporate […]

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My dad’s secretary trained me why to come to the office

My name is Ashley, I am 18 years old. Most people would describe me as outgoing and laid back. My parents are quite successful. My mother is a human rights lawyer and my father runs a large company. I guess that’s why they place such high expectations on me. They say laid-back means lazy and […]

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