I was attracted to my maid and every inch of her skin

It was 12 am at night and I just couldn’t get my eyes to close. I was thinking about Shari, how hot she looked tonight while setting up for dinner. She was employed with me and I was attracted to my maid. I couldn’t explain it, but it was there. She had come to me a year ago seeking employment. She studied during the night and worked for me during the day.

She must be studying now, I thought. And my cock just lurched. I had watched her from a distance for 11 months and last month I had kissed her. Her body had responded to me. Her nipples tightening as they brushed against my chest. It was after a night of drinking, but I had wanted her. She hadn’t stopped me. And tonight, again I was thinking of her. I decided I would just take one peek at her and come back. With that though in mind, I tiptoed towards the servant quarters.

I peeked through an open window and sure enough she had a book open. I was about to turn and leave when I heard a low moan. Stan! Stan! Was that my name she was chanting? I turned back and her fully naked from waist down. How did this happen so fast? One minute she is studying and next she is naked fingering herself? Horny maid! That made me get more attracted to my maid and think about her.

Her legs were spread, and I could see the pink of her pussy winking at me. She was rubbing her clit now, slow round motions and then the same finger went inside her pussy. I could see how wet she was. As if in response my cock tented my boxers and I just couldn’t hold back. I opened the door to her room and went it. She seemed surprised to see me and tried to cover herself. I pulled away her bedsheet and commanded, “Show me your pussy.”

She stared at me for a few minutes and then as comprehension dawned, she shamelessly spread her legs. She had some hair there, but I didn’t mind that. Her smooth skin was unblemished, and her clit peeked out of her hood. It was engorged – a sign of arousal. I wanted to press it. So, I bent down and did just that. She yelped and almost jumped up. She was looking at me, but I couldn’t stop touching her now. I had touched her intimately and now I wanted to do more. Was that all happening instantaneously? No, I was already attracted to my maid and I needed her badly.

I parted her folds and saw her pussy hole dripping. “Were you thinking of me naughty girl?” I asked her. “Yes,” she moaned. She began to move, trying to get my fingers to touch more of her. I smiled and lightly caressed her clit. She grabbed my hand and began rubbing against it. I stopped her and knelt near her bed. I parted her folds again and licked her. She hissed.

I did that again and again, while rubbing circles near her pussy hole but not quite going in. I sucked on her clit and bit it then laved it to make her feel good. She held on to my head as I continued sucking on her nub. Then I pushed in one long finger in her hole and I could feel her walls tightening. I pulled out and pushed in again. She was breathing hard now as I continued to massage her clit gently with one hand and fucking her with another. I was watching her face contort.

Then I made a come hither sign in her channel and she just screamed. She squirted all over my hands and her liquid just splashed all over. I laughed as she came and thrashed in her pleasure. I pulled my hands out and saw her lying there sated. But my cock was not having it. He needed something. So I pulled it out and stroked it, while watching her cunt drip.

“Show me your breasts,” I commanded. She unbuttoned her shirt and her tits came into view. They were ripe and my mouth watered. I wanted to bite. I crawled over her bed and bit her nipple. She screamed. So, I sucked on it a little and licked it. I pinched her other nipple and began playing with it. Watching it become like a pebble, hard and pointy. I sucked on one breast and played with the other. I was pressing and pinching, taking my pleasure in seeing her squirm.

“My turn,” I said and sat down on the bed next to her. I fisted my cock and rubbed it. She was looking at it with interest. “Here, you can do with it as you please. They way you have fantasized,” I told her. She touched it tentatively and began rubbing her soft hands. It was good, but I needed more. I had been attracted to my maid for so long and this was the time to get more.

I pulled her over and made her sit on my cock. She gyrated her hips and moved so that her wet folds rubbed over my cock. I was getting herder and I needed to get inside her. “Take me inside you. Let me feel your pussy,” I tell her. She positions the cock at her entrance and slowly slides down on it. Taking it in deliciously slowly. I can feel her whole channel engulf me. She keeps moving till my balls touch her ass. Then she moves her hips around, and I feel what it does to my cock. It jumps inside her pussy and she giggles.

“Ride me babe,” I say to her and she starts to move up and down. I begin to piston in from below, thrusting up as she comes down. We have established a rhythm and we meet midway. Her breasts are jiggling on my face and I love it. I shove my face forward, so the softness surrounds me. I suckle on her nipples and then I feel her tighten around me. I do it again and I feel it again.

Knowing I am close, I begin sucking on her nipples and soon I play with her clit as well. Then she throws her head back and begins cumming. She is squeezing me hard and I just let myself go. I cum inside her channel, coating her walls and claiming her as mine.

I was attracted to my maid but later we started dating after that incident. Now she is my girlfriend. We know we are sexually compatible and we never forget to take advantage of that.

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