How a Passionate Night With a Gay Male Escort Changed my Life

I came out as gay to my parents when I was around 25 years old. I knew that I wasn’t attracted to girls, but I was finding it difficult to have a meaningful relationship. I wanted hugs and cuddles, quiet nights with my partner just watching a movie and hot sex of course! I did meet attractive men of my age, but most were just wanting to have fun or wanted to explore. I wanted more, something more long term. And I guess it was because of this, that I didn’t find many partners. My sex partners were also reducing as I would start checking if he could be the one. I badly needed a passionate night with a gay partner soon.

I was feeling low one day and my roommate suggested gay escort sites. I did try some and came across one that looked interesting. That was when I saw Jacob for the first time. He was good looking and his profile said that he was interested in science and loved dogs. That stopped me, a person who loved dogs was supposed to be good. Right? So, I clicked on his profile and made a booking with him for a few hours that night. I was excited and nervous as it had been a while since I last had sex or even an intimate conversation.

I had booked a hotel room, to make it special and Jacob arrived at 8 pm sharp. He was so much better looking in person. Tall and lean, he was wearing spectacles. That immediately made him more attractive to me. He felt real, normal. He greeted me with a smile and a handshake as I welcomed him in. We spoke for a good while on topics ranging from travel to scientific discoveries and even puppies. I was into him by this time. While talking he came really close and there was only a breath’s distance between us. I took the next step and kissed him gently on his mouth. It was a quick peck, but he pulled closer and kissed me back this time.

“Do you want a massage?” he asked me, “You seem a bit tensed.” I was nervous, here he was good looking and intelligent and I was feeling attracted to him. I agreed and put two towels down for myself. I undressed, covering myself with another towel and lay down. Jacob was carrying some oil and I could see his strong warm hands moving over my back. He was massaging my shoulders and kneading the stiff muscles there. It felt so good that I moaned. “That feel good?” he asked, and I moaned again. “God that sounds hot,” he said and kissed my neck. I turned back and said, “Kiss me?” He bent down before I finished that sentence and kissed my mouth, he kissed me hard, and his tongue met mine. After such a dry and lonely period, I was enjoying the real touch of a man and it was the passionate night with a gay partner I really needed.

“I am not done,” he said turning me around and massaging my chest and thighs, removing my towel. I was feeling good already, relaxed and watching Jacob in his tiny shorts was a treat in itself. He saw me watching and smiled. Then he very naughtily, slowly massaged down to my cock. My cock was erect and hard because his hands were so close. Then he just went for it. His hands rubbed the tip of my cock and I shivered. My hips moved and I wanted him to touch me more. He began rubbing my cock, it felt good, his rough large hands touching me. He was twisting his palms and making me feel so excited. I was feeling good and thankful that I found Jacob on Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here, enjoying his touch and enjoy such a passionate night with a gay male.

One of his hands began playing with my balls as I spread my legs and let him pleasure me. He gripped the base of my cock hard and then began rubbing the length with his other hand. The feeling of his hands on my balls and cock was so good. His grasp was strong, and he was rubbing me with a passion. I could see his cock bulging beneath his shorts. “I want to touch you,” I told him and he removed his shorts. His cock was pointing right at me. He began to touch my cock with his cock as he gave me a hand job. I could feel his cock rubbing my balls and then it touched my anal opening. My asshole contracted, like it wanted to hold his cock inside. Jacob saw it too. I nodded and then he stopped to get a condom. He wore it and added some lube to his penis and some in my asshole.

He penetrated my asshole with his fingers and the sensation was out of this world. I let out a loud moan as his fingers touched the deepest part of me. He was caressing my channel and letting my ass adjust to his fingers. “I want your dick in me,” I whispered in pleasure and he withdrew his fingers. I felt him and then watched him as he pulled on it and rubbed it against my asshole. He gently pushed into my asshole; I could feel his thickness inside me. Then he started rocking in and out of me and each thrust was making me feel good. As he fucked me, he continued to press and squeeze my cock and balls.

I was on a pleasure high as he fucked me and masturbated me at the same time. His thrusts increased in pace and his touch became rougher. I was enjoying this wild fucking where we were heading. Ultimately, the pleasure was too much and I came in Jacob’s hands. My cock let out the cum and coated his hands as he continued to massage me through my orgasm. Soon his thrusts slowed down and he shook as he came. He spent the night with me, and we really connected – talking and making love.

Jacob and I got to know each other through a gay male escort site but we began dating soon after and became a couple. Our first meet and the passionate night with a gay partner like Jacob made my life happy again. The sex was mind blowing but more importantly, we connected. I am so happy that I found someone who can share my life, with two cute puppy dogs in the picture too!

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